Be honest , in a race would you rather be a Tortoise or a Hair ?


What is the best thing?

I'd go the tortoise - we'd be waiting a very long time for hair to win (unless it was attached to someone moving.) In which case they'd beat the totoise. Just a hair on the ground doesn't stand a chance.

Sorry, that was an arsey answer.

An odd feeling in my knee ligaments?

tortise of course i always like to win!!

How can i increase my running speed, quickness, and acceleration?

A hare.

What would help me get over this before my track meet?

a tortoise!

JH Track Meet...?

Hare I do everything at break neck speed and do not like to slow down.

I'm doing the 400s on saturday... i was wondering what should i do? Sprint all? Sprint half run half?

As a Hare, I would be concerned that I may make somebody a tasty meal, so I shall opt for the slower role of tortoise.

How do I train for a 5 K?

I hate running so i'd definately be the Tortoise. Walk and win, whats better than that.

Should I go out for Cross Country next year??

I think quadruped animal capable of walking can move somewhat faster and in a more controlled manner than a group of dead cells.

I'll take the tortoise, thank you. :)

Who has current world record in mile! and what is the time?

A tortoise. I would probably lose the race, but who cares.. I'd live much longer.

Is it ok to run with a maybe sprained ankle?

i would rather be on my bike mate !!

Trouble breaking the 4-minute mile?

Most rather be a tortoise because a hair just grows out of your scalp but a hare would just hare!!

Training for track..?

hare..not hair

What can i do before or during the 1500m race to make my time faster?

I would rather be a tortoise. i am a really fast runner but if you think about it the tortoise is actually smarter than the hair....I got that from a fortune cookie. LOL

I want to run track and field and the season started about 3 weeks ago. Can I still get on the team?

I'd rather run like myself. The turtle moves too slow and hair doesn't move at all unless you mean hare.

Track clothes?

I rather be slow and smart than fast and stupid :-)

What Should I do??

I would be a hair. I wouldn't have to run, but I would win because I would go on a head! lol!

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