400 meter question?

I ran a 1:08 400m dash .im an eighth grade girl. is that good?


Can anyone recommend a good website for long jumping?

Yeah eighth grade thats pretty good you have a lot of time I would keep working and youll improve in high school i'm sure with the more intense workouts than junior high. Keep it up!

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if u plan on winning, itz not gud... u should b runnin about 58 seconds

Explain PACE please?

yeah its pretty average. anything below 60 is VERY good for a girl in the 8th grade. i don't run the 400 but in practice i get around your time so its decent.

Ahhhh my toes hurt =/?

yeah that's pretty good for an eight grader but once you get into high school you really want to go sub-60 to even think about placing. but for now just work your way down to 62-63 b/c i think if you push yourself hard enough you could do it. by the way i run the 400's as kind of a punishment for slacking off in the hurdles and i run 60's so im pretty darn sure you could beat my time (i usually slack that event too)

Doing Short Sprints?

For an 8th grade girl thats quite good.

If you plan on doing it in high school, a sub-minute 400 is essential if you plan on winning.

But it does look like you are on the right path, keep on trainin' hard.

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It's good IF you want to win on varsity it should be better

SHin splints? calcium build? motrin?

Thats really good. For high school you wanna be running 59-60 seconds probobly.

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