800 help plz!!?

hi im a freshman at my highschool and i run the mile and the 2 mile i want to run the 800 but my time right now is 2:30 any tips to shave off atleast 25 sec.?


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You current sitation is very similair to mine when I was in high school. When I ran the 800 as a freshman it was at about 2:30 and by my junior year I had it to 2:03. I would say to run six (depending on your fitness level you could try eight) 400s for practice. Time each one and go all out like your in a race. Only give yourself a minute between each for a rest. A guy a ran with during high school ended up with the school record (1:52) in the 800 doing this twice a week along with other workouts of course. Working hard eveyday and always running hard even when you want to give up will make those times drop. Remember a lot of it is mental so always think positive and don't focus on the pain.

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Crystal Meth.

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yea there are workouts for it. use this- www.runnersworld.com it has all you need to know about workouts, training and nutrition. with some pace practice you will be fine at the 800 since you are going down in distance.

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Cardenas is correct. You must do speed and pace intervals to improve your times. Run intervals at the race pace you want to run. Break down the 800 into different pieces. You should still do distance work because the 800 is about 50/50 on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. 4x400 at 1:00 with 1 minute rest, 8x200 at 28-30 with 1 minute rest, 2x600 at 1:30 with 5 minutes. You should do intervals 2 to 3 days a week. If you race on Saturday then do speed 2 days, distance 3 days, race one day.

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Your time can fall by doing workouts as:
Monday: 2 mile warmup, 400,600,800,1200, 2 mile cooldown, ladder at 6 minute pace
Tuesday: 5-6 miles
Wednesday 2 mile warmup, 4 (400) repeats, 2 minute rest, 2 miles cooldown
Thursday: 5-6 miles
Friday: 2 mile warmup, 1200,400,1000,300, 2 mile cooldown.
Saturday:4 miles, 4(100) strides
Sunday:7 miles
If you race on Saturday, workout Monday,Wednesday & long run Tuesday,Thursday, Friday should be 4 miles with 4 stride outs to loosen legs. GET IT DONE!

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Freshman year I ran 2:04 and now I'm a Jr running sub 2 and theres still 4 weeks left in the season. PM me and let me know what workouts you're doing and I can help you out, but theres no way you're going to shave off 25 seconds by the end of this season, running in the low 2's or high 1's takes months of training, not to mention its only 45% endurance and 55% speed. Atleast I can help you design a workout routine that you can do through summer and fall so that you can take winter off for running and peak your times in the middle of the spring next season. Mostlikely I'll get you in the 2:06/7 range which is excellent for a sophomore.

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make sure that you are actually COMPETING

you have to use your will power to push yourself on the 800m run

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