2 mile cross country runner. I want to drop from 17's (which is o.k. at my school) to 11-13's by september

or october...can i have some workouts?? i will practice 6 times a week with rest on sundays...i will also lift weights, and do jumping, and agility with my coach over summer. p.s. not in best shape 2 mile shape right now..i just got out of track and the most we ran for my race was an 800.


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I don't know if you can drop from the 17s to the 13s by September. But if you do, you will need to do some training. I suggest you go for a slow, long run (30-50 mins, maybe even 60) two or three days a week. You should do a track work out and do 4 800s or 6 400s hard one day a week. The other days of the week, you should run about three or four miles at a medium/fast pace. This should be good for a month or two. Good luck!

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when the track season ends, just do endurance training. First run for thirty minutes. Once you feel capable of going longer. Add another ten minutes to your run. And keep repeating. You should be able. to get a good chunk of time knocked off your two mile. Organized workouts aren't necessary at your level of ability.

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Run two mile repeats. Run 6-8 miles on a Monday. Take a long recovery run on Tuesday. Run 6-8 miles on Wednesday. Take a long recovery run on Thursday. Run 6-8 on Friday. Take a long recorvery run on Saturday.

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I am in the Army, and we've got to run 2 miles for our PT tests. When I first joined I could barely run that distance in 18:30, but after about 3 months of working out I was able to cut that down to 15 minutes. We always had a saying that the key to a good 2 mile time is a good 3 mile time. We only ran 3 times a week and we mixed it up between distance runs and HIIT (High intensity interval training) but we got great results.

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use a car

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Thats a large drop, but all things considered an average person with a little training can do it. It wasn't even my thing and i ran mine in around 11 min. Course i did run some distance, just a bit futher than 2 miles usually. Just run far and at a fair pace, and with time...it will be yours no sweat. Best of luck. = ]

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Well I would start out slow and just do 30-40 minute long runs for about two weeks.and then gradually bring it up from there...Its good to have a training schedule to help you and keep you on track! The other stuff will help too! I don't know how much you are going to cut off, but if you try your best at it this summer, you can cut off a lot! GOOD LUCK! I do CC too!

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