5 foot 9!!! High jump!?

i wanted to ask what the average high jump height people get their 8th grade year. I'm in 8th and doing high jump for the first time, i get 4 10 very consistantly but i can NEVER get 5 feet. I got second today but i say something stunning today. The guy who beat me started at 4 feet, and he broke his school record by getting 5 9... has anyone seen an 8th grader ever do that!! I think he's a future track star.


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Yeah, he is a great jumper :P..propbaby should be in varsity and might get some offers from colleges later on. A dude in my school can jump 6-0 or 6-1 and he is just a sophomore. Never seen an 8 grader

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ah holy @*$*( that kid is good.. well i dont do high jump but i just had a meet today and from what i've heard the best a boy got on high jump was 4'9" so yah i think you're average. i think that kid is a future track star too, well good luck you're doing good. :)

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That is a very good height. I had an 8th grader 2 years ago who jumped 6'1" which is the best athlete I have ever had at that age. Now he is "only" doing 6'3" so people develop at different ages you never know exactly what someone can do when they are older just because of what they did when they were younger.

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Thats pretty good, I know a sophomore on my team that's jumping 6'5" and in 8th grade he jumped 6'2"

Just because he's jumping that high right now doesn't mean he'll improve for sure. People hit their limits. But to answer your question yes.

Its all about approachment and technique.

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u kan do n e thing u put yur mind 2 it just takes a little time dont try to do every thing all at once

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Quite good. The best i have ever seen was a senior at one of my meets, i believe he jumped around 6'7 ?...it was just plain scary.

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i have a kid in my school in manchester that got 5'9 maybe its the same kid. he is a very good jumper and i believe he will be great at track next year in high school.

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I'm a sophomore male in High school and i jump 5'4" which is average for my age i think. In 8th grade i jumped 4'10" as well. Just keep on jumping and watch videos to help with form. If you're really serious go to www.mikecaza.com (an olympic high jumper's site) There is a video you can order that should help you

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