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At most running event's how often are participation medal's, t-shirts, and other event merchandise given out?


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Just about every running event features a t-shirt for its participants. Recently, I have noticed more and more half-marathon and marathon races giving out actual running shirts made of Dri-fit material.

Also given at most races are goodie bags full of samples of running food, drinks, and other products. They're usually provided by the sponsors who want their potential customers to try out their product.

Medals are almost always given for all finishers of half-marathons and marathons, with marathon medals typically being larger and more glamorous. Larger marathons also give a finisher's certificate. Some even give a small plaque with your picture, but most marathons require you to pay extra for this.

Some races have a beer garden at the end of the race. I have seen them at the end of a few races from 5K on up. It's pretty hard to down a cold frosty one after a race at 10 am, but if you can handle it, it's there.

In all, just about every race is worth every penny that you pay for registration. It has been a very long time since I attended a race where I felt that it was not worth my time.

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Almost all events give out a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt (in winter). Marathons are a different animal. You normall get a medal for finishing in addition to the t-shirt. Check out runwashington.com for a list of events in the Washington D.C. area, the events state what items are given to runners.

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almost every event will have goodies of some kind, even if its just t-shirts.

a general rule is: the more people that participate, the better the merchandise. most marathons and halfs give medals, t-shirts, and have a goodie bag of stuff from vendors. 5k and 10ks dont always give medals, but nearly all have shirts and other stuff.

when in doubt, you can always look up the event on their website. they should tell you what you get for participating.

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you're going to get participation medals at almost every half-marathon you go to. 5ks and 10ks however, you rarely get participation medals, maybe 20 percent of the time

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Most entry from have when they will issue out the t-shirts. most are on race day, however some will issue them the day before. This is most common for marathons. As for medals, they are usually issued to the top 3 male and female winners and top 3 age group winners. Not all have medals. Some races give out trophies or plaques. The entry form will have what is awarded on it. Most marathons give out a medal when you cross the finish line. Most award ceremonies are usually held anywhere from an hour to several hours after the last runner crosses the finish line. Some races have free food, drinks, beer, massages after the race as well. All of this will be on the entry form or website. If you are looking for an entry into a race you can use the following websites.

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yes, especially ones for charity where you pay to run

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Not sure wot race goodies r like in the states, but in the UK you get ur usual: medal & t- shirt. Race organisors have lately been disrtributing different items such as towels, mp3 players, mugs, pastys and even 'Melons'- Yes its true!! If your a regular on the race circuit expect to buy a new chest of drawers for your new t-shirts!!

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