Any Advise for the running in the Indy 500 festival races?

Question:I am running the 5k, so I have a bunch of questions.

Anyone have any good suggestions on how early I should get there and where to park?

Is the 5k so crowded that your speed will be limited by groups of people that can't handle 7mph? I forgot to mail in my race times to get a priority spot.

What should I carry? keys, license, insurance info, cash? Wallet would be a pain, keys are a pain but essential.

Anyone one have any breakfast suggestions that won't require a sit down in a port-o-let?

Is there a sidewalk from washington street to white river parkway so I can try to run the race on my own time this weekend?

Thanks. see you there.


Any mid-distance running advice?

erm, set urself a gd pace, and keep it up. gd luk n hav fun!

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