800 m run & a cold?

Question:Just wondering if anyone thinks I'll have trouble tomrrow at my invitational with a cold. I ran yesterday with my cold and finished first with a time of 1:59.69 on a dirt track, and I'm looking to hit 1:57+- on an all weather track tomrrow. I have a shortness of breath, any suggestions as what I should do tonight so I feel fine tomrrow?

This sucks, its the last invitational before CIF and I want to continue the success this season but mentally right now I don't feel as if I'm going to do good because I feel worse.


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You're the only one that can answer the question. You know how you feel. What I can say is you should not run if you have a fever.

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Just hydrate and get sleep. Rely on your body to get you through. If you are already sub 2, your body is a machine, some days it will running better than others. Just keep it lubed up with liquids and fuel it right with a healthy diet.

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If your cold is above the neck you should be able to do pretty well.
If you have a chest cold, you may end up sicker after the race.
I would force myself to sleep longer than normal bundled warmly to aid in recovery.

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You won't hit 1:57 with a cold tommorow. I probably wouldn't even race it if I had a bad cold. You should do nothing really. Just sit in your bed with a blanket over yourself and try to kill the cold with rest and fluids. Good luck on getting under 1:57 at the state meet though, you'll be fine.

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um drink lots of water(ALOT) for the shortness of breathe- take some deep breathes before your race. -thats helped with my cold during a cross country race- also keep the deep breathes going throu your whole race it should help. also eating healthy will help your cold subside for awhile and make you feel better.

also take some cold medicine so during your race your symptoms will be better.

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