Any suggestions for running faster?

I run the 100 meter dash in track. i want to make it to the national championships by the end of the season. even if i don't make it their i want to be the fastest sprinter in my age group. Any suggestions?


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Run hills. Run while pulling something like the football sleds.

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Drills, drills drills. When I played football in high school I had some great yardage, and now when I play rec I run the same drills and smoke the competition.
Work on speed exercises. Suicides are a tried and true method for strengthening your leg muscles quick start-stop times. High speed sprints alternated with low speed jogs help your body adjust to speed intervals like the 100 meter. Water drills are also good in that they add resistance to your running. Try sprinting back and fourth the shallow end of a pool to increase speed strength in your legs. Good luck!

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Flexibility helps running. Practice the splits, touching your toes, etc. The more flexible you are, the faster you can run. When you practice the splitz, your stride will eventually get longer.

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run hills with parachutes or weigh vests
then do intervals of 50, 100, 150, 200 and work your way down
if your not running on your toes, that could shave some time off
look at your form, are your arms crossing your body, or are you leaning back?
thats all i can think off

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don't run with weights on your legs, unless you want all of your joints in your legs to disconnect.

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Easy answer. Just look at the competitors at any track meet and you'll see the sprinters all look like body builders. Any distance up to a mile is mostly upper body strength. So get to the gym and get a strength building regimen.

Good Luck

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