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Okay, I'm a sprinter on my track team. Problem is, I'm one of the slowest. I work hard, but when I'm sprinting for practice, I get so tired. I try not to give up, but the space between me and the runner keeps getting bigger. I'm trying so hard, but my next meet is coming up and I'm terrified. My whole team is amazing and I really don't want to be the one who drags them down. I just don't know what to do! Any good advice out there, I need it! Like, what do you sprinters think about when you're sprinting or behind?


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I almost always the slowest unless I'm running with someone who is jogging or not trying. I usually convince myself of how short the race is (for example; only another 100 left, you've already done 200!). Sometimes I'll also think of a song, first at its normal tempo, but getting faster and faster, which seems to make me at least want to go faster. I also think about how I suck at every other sport out there, and how I'm not going to let myself suck at this one. Don't give up on yourself. At the meet, hold nothing back at your event, give every ounce of strength you have, everything you've got, 110%. I know it's hard. I'm probably worse then you. I find out tomorrow if I can even keep doing Track this year because I have tendonitis (from wearing really worn out shoes to intense practive for three weeks and from not having done track in 5 years). If nothing else works, just clear your mind and focus on the finish line. Don't slow down until you cross the line. Good luck.

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when you sprint, you focus on the finish line and thats it. run through it like your life depends on it.

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The best sprinters don't think when they run. The best sprinters are also born sprinters. If you want something to think about that might improve your times, think about running to a spot well beyond the finish line, as young athletes tend to slow up before the finish line, whether or not they mean to.

When I'm behind, I get angry or think like a predator. But it could be that this only works for me.

I was one of the slowest people when I first joined my track team, too (sophomore year). I'm saying so bad that I actually set personal record times in pre-season workouts the next year. By senior year, I was one of the leaders of the team. You'll get better if you work at it. :)

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I am a long distance runner, and don't know if this applies, but I always focus on the runner in front of me. It becomes a personal competition between me and her. However, when I pass her, my new opponent is next person in front of me. However, if your race is very short, then I would just keep focusing on passing the people around me and not pick out a specific person.
Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine, and remember, it takes time to improve. I was horrible for my first season of running, but somehow managed to be one of the best the next season. It all comes down to how hard you work in practice. And by the sound of it, you have been working like crazy. Don't give up, and you will be fine.

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Your problem is your endurance I'm guessing, just make sure to run a few extra 300-400 meter sprints like after practice and in two weeks you will be cought up. And don't worry about the first meet, it's not an invite. Trust me I've been in track three years, the non-invite meets are just like vacations.

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