9.77 WOW! Crazy?

Have u guys heard about this kid from Texas, his name is Rynell Parson... hes a sophomore and running the 100m is crazy fast times... these are his times. 10.05, 10.32, 9.99, 10.2, and 9.77. I know there crazy but there true. hes from San Antonio...



9.77 I don't believe that, were these hand timed, wind aided?
the World record is 9.77 Asafa Powell and took him a few years to get there
2007 UTSA RELAYS - 3/16/2007/3/17/2007 San Antonio
Name Prelims Finals Wind
Parson, Rynell 10.40 10.32 +1.3

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His fastest recognized time is 10:32 and since no one uses a wind gauge in Texas H.S. we don't know how legitimate that time is either. Wait for a few meets, when they get to the state meet we will see what he can do.

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No, he ran a hand-held, wind-aided 9.99 but never 9.77 where did you get that from? He's very talented and only 16 or 17. Only time will tell how great he'll become in the future.

BTW...9.77 is the worldrecord by Asafa Powell.

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