Best GPS unit for running?

I was looking at some GPS units for running. I saw a lot of GPS units by garmin and one neat design by Ipod and Nike. I was just wondering which GPS units some of you have used for running and what you like about them. I would like to be able to connect it to my computer as well as keep the price within a reasonable range.


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The garmin 201 meets your criteria, but consider that it only connect via serial port last I knew. It can be had for around $100, but may be difficult to find. The 205 is better, but at twice the price. I don't know if it uses USB(hopefully.) The 305 adds the HR function which you may wish for later, but adds more money still.

Big advantage to the Garmin is you do not have to calibrate it like the accelerometers. I also think it is more accurate at detecting different paces and paces on different terrains. Disadvantage is it doesn't track distance due to changes in altitude. Amounts to little for me, but would read over a mile short if you were hiking up Pike's Peak. Ironically, it is able to show your altitude, but apparently unable to calculate from it.

I've had a 201 for several years, and while I'd probably get a 205 or 305 now if I didn't have it, it works well enough that upgrading would be stupid.

Note, GPS can be annoying b/c you have to wait b4 you can start running. I've got in the habit of setting it on my porch before I put my shoes on.

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I use the Timex Speed+Distance system, found it on Amazon for only $85. It does track your speed, avg speed, pace, avg pace, distance, and laps; but is not able to connect to a computer to download your info.
For the price, I think its the best one available. Everthing else was well over $200 for the same abilities, and the ones that connect to a computer are at least $300.

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I've been using my Garmin Forerunner 201 for over 2 years and really like it. It is very reliable and has a lot of neat training features for intervals and pacing. You can also download the info to your computer. The rechargeable battery is a plus, too. Check out the product review below for more can get the 201 on Amazon for $126. Good luck!

- Mike

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Any Garmins are supposed to be really good, and are quite popular in the running world. I am waiting for the glorious day when I can afford mine. :)

Basically you are going to get what you pay for. They have several models, at different prices...and they even cheaper on amazon. I know people that are happy with the Garmin 205. It's $200 on amazon. If you find something that says it records distance for much less than $200 it's most likely not a GPS system. GPS are the most accurate.

The nike+ system (ipod + nike) is not GPS, it "measures" your stride. Not quite as accurate, but I also know people who are happy with those. The timex systems are supposed to be pretty good too, they work the same way as the nike+. But they are not GPS. So it depends on what you want, and how accurate you want it to be.

If you've already got the nano ipod, go for the nike+... just $30. Otherwise, I think the garmin is worth it. You can get the Garmin forerunner 305 on amazon for $240-ish. That comes with a heart rate monitor. I would also check amazon. Keep bidding, eventually you may get one at the price you want.

Both the garmins and the nike+ connect to the computer, and show your data on the screen. I know the garmin has lots of other cool functions, where the nike+ is pretty basic. (I don't know about the timex)

Polar also makes gadgets that record speed, but they do not have any with GPS systems(I don't think).

Hope you find something that works for you!

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I use the Garmin 205 and love it. It connects with the PC and logs and maps your runs. it does time, distance, pace you can set zones and a whole lot more and the thing I like most is there no pod to attach to foot or arm. IF you want a heart monitor there is the Garmin 305

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