Are my times/distances good and what can i do to make them beter?

Question:Im i 12 year old boy (6th grade) and i just started track and field about a month ago here are my average running times and jumps tell me if im doing okay and how can i improve

100m - 14-15 sec

200m - 31sec

400m - 1:10

800m - 3:00

1600m - 6:55

long jump - about 13ft

high jump 4ft 2in


Only for runners! training for the juniors 400m...?

You are doing pretty good for your age. I am a freshman (15) and my:


200m- 26

400m- 1:01

long jump- around 17 feet

high jump- around 5ft 1in

just keep running hard...sprints wil make you faster and stronger.
what i like to do is go to a football field, run endzone to endzone at about 90-95%, take about a 10 to 20 second break between each one, then go again. Do about 10 or 12 of these a couple days a week. You will notice your sprint times drop rapidly. To work on jumping, strap weights to your ankles (2.5 to start, work your way up to 5 or so), and run and jump as usual.

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u should try and focus at certain events and not trying all of them so u can get better faster

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You are best in the 200 and the 400 so concentrate on those events and you will take an important role for your team. Do intervals twice each week and you will get better.

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good job! i think you are doing really good but could probably improve a little on the mile by working on your endurance if you like long_distance!

I'm 16 . my friend say that if i now keep running for 40 to 50k p.wk .. then when i get older i will get pain

at 12 years old that is pretty darn good

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6th grade :)

It looks like you are better at shorter distances, but at 6th grade you haven't cracked into your potential yet. what events do you like the most? choose that and develop it by giving it all you got.

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Listen to the people before me and remember that you always have your instincts to guide you into what you need to improve on, but I think you should work a little harder on 100m, 400m and 1600m, unless you don't want to do any of those. If you don't, then that's ok. I still think you're doing great. And who knows, maybe with some more practice, you might be the fastest runner in your class... or school. =)

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thats really good as far as i can see im 12 year old girl(6th grade) and i do track to and do u have any advice on the high jump?

I'm trying to reach my 5 foot goal for highjump have any ideas?

yeah that is good. for the 100 i run it in about 15 seconds. if you want to improve your time, make sure you come out low from the blocks. that will really help. but that is a good time. i run the 200 in around 30 seconds also. same thing with the 100. come out low from the blocks. work on your endurance by running distance when you get a chance. that will help you so you can run your fastest the whole way without having to slow down. in the 400 just work on endurance. it will help you so you're not as tired at the end. for the 800 you need to work on your leg muscles so they don't get tired and they can support your body weight through the whole race. you also need to work on your abs so your breathing will help you. develop a good breathing pattern so you're getting enough oxygen. same thing for the 1600. just work on endurance, leg muscles, and abs. also ask your coach about proper running techinique. this will really help your time in sprints. make sure you also have proper track spikes. it will give you better grip and help your sprints. for the long jump, that is pretty good! just run your hardest and during your flight, lean forward and lift your legs to delay your landing. also swing your arms forward to get your momentum going forward so you'll go farther! good luck this season!!!

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I reccomend sprints. While running, spring from one light post to the next or the 2nd to next than slow down. Keep working on this and you will get really fast, trust me

Ohhh man i'm in MAJOR trpuble with my track meet tomorrow !! HELP!?

I am a 13 year old male. (7th Grade) and make a...

... 100m - 13-14 sec
400m - 1:05
1600m - 6:48

when I was 12 i was doing about the same, and I rank pretty good with the others. So you are doing quite well. Just keep practicing. Push yourself!

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i don't now about the jumps, but your 100m, 200m are slightly slow. your 400m is a little slow too [i run this one, 50-60 minutes] your 800m is way off, you should work on your endurance. at your speed, you should be running 2:30. [multiply your 400m times 2 and add about 10 seconds at the most]. to improve, try doing sprint drills, 100m, 200m, and 400m. also try working on your mile. [constant speed]. good luck.

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