Advice for running the London Marathon (26.2miles)?

Question:Preferably from people who have done it before:

I am not the most active person but I have 11months to get fit enough...

- how to start training, what do to, when to increase it and by how much?

- what I should be eating?

- any other tips you can offer

Serious answers only please..


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Assumeing a low start level then run every other day on a basic plan as detailed below, mileages where appropriate are in brackets or times where apropriate, S = speed, many sessions out there take your pick; H= hill, sprint up a hill jog back; E = Endurance, longest run should take 2 - 3 hours; N = Normal should be about 45-60 mins

Weeks 1 + 2
1S (30min), 1N, 1E(6-7miles)
Weeks 3 + 4
1S (45 min), 1N, 1E (7-8 miles)
Weeks 5+6
1S (45min), 2N, 1E (8-9 miles)
Week 7
1S (45min), 1N, 1H (30), 1E (9-10 miles)
Week 8
1S (60 min), 2N,1E (9-10miles)
Week 7
1S (60min), 1N, 1H (45), 1E (10-11 miles)
Week 8
1S (60 min), 2N,1E (10-11 miles)

Thats only a very basic guide to show you a possible way to get up to fitness, closer to the event start to follow a proper 12 week marathon plan. Also don't neccesarily increase at the rate shown above, although I wouldn't advice increasing any faster than that; consider it a maximum guide, increasing slowers fine, fasters asking for injury.

Basic rules:
Stick on a mileage level for at least 2 weeks before upping;
Never up your mileage by more than 10% in one go;
You endurance should be around twice as far as you normal, but be no longer than 3 hours, or less than 2;
Only hill train once in any two week period;
When increasing the number of days a week add an easy day in first and then swap it for a more intense session once used to training for X amount of days.

You should be eating food, besides that it doesn't matter, eat what you crave. Work out calorie loss and match it to calorie intake, to lose weight eat less etc. all basic stuff. Eat carbs in the evening after hard sessions and before a race, drink chocolate milk after a hard run.

Consider a half halfway between now and the marathon, 1) to stop you leaving training too late, 2) to give you confidence for the big day.

Get your running shoes professionally fitted at a good running shop, and keep them no more than 500 miles.

E-mail me with any questions if you want, Hope I've been of some help

Oh yeah try its got a great free running log and route measurer etc. it does the calories used etc. monitors miles on your shoes; the lot, and I think it has a whole meal planner but I've never used it...

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Wow...that sounds cool. I you should start to eat nice healthy food and then go for a job every morning and evening for practice. Also, working out at the gym will strengthen your body. Goodluck.

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come to seattle its real hilly so you can train on steep hills to get faster and build endurance (run the seattle marathon first its smaller than london) eat egg whites to get protien no need for shakes unless you make them yogurt and salads go to some mountains like once a month to get youre breathing better and just train once a day not over twice especially if your running 15 miles a day thats too much to do twice so stick doing it one time

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ive just run london the other week now in training for beijing marathon. if you start the week with two 3 or 4 mile runs then a longer one at the weekend then when you feel ok with that up the weekend millage, try to run the short week runs fairly quick to build your lung capacity. then just do more week runs and up the weekend runs when you feel you need. but 3 - 4 months before the event up the millage ok.

eat healthy but it wont matter if you slack now n then at this time from it but near the time you need to build energy levels with pastas,meats stuff like that. i eat sugars just before and just after a run also remember you will lose salt from sweat so you will cramp if not replaced. not to worry bout this yet though. good luck.

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Best of luck to you, I have just joined a running club and they have been fantastic at getting me to my first mile. I have been surprized at the amount of support they have given and would willingly suggest you try your local club. It is especially important for the winter months when you don't want to be runnign in the dark on your own

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