800 meter tips and breathing techniques?

I'm running 2:40 and hoping for time under 2:20. Tactics and techniques for it? and I'm in middle school;


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The 800 is 50 % aerobic and 50% anaerobic. That means you need to train about half the time for speed like the 400 runners and half the time like the milers. You need stress work so your body can tolerate the lactic acid build up you will experience during your race. Tactically you should try to run even splits. That means your first 400 should be about as fast as your second 400. If you go out too fast you will slow down too much. If you go out too slow you will not catch the people who have a big lead over you. If your goal is to run 2:20 then you should do your hard work, that is 600 meters and down at that pace or a little faster. You should also do 800 to 1000 work at a slower than race pace interval. Think about breaking the race into 200's run the first 200 in 35 seconds, come through the 400 in 1:10, run the next 200, it is the third one, hard, because you will have to put out more effort to keep up the same pace, then run in the last 200.

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In through your nose out through your mouth, keep up the good work.

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Keep running...

You will build your wind the more you run, and the more you run fast, you will build your ability to keep high speeds.

In addition to this, light weights. This will help you with endurance.

To help you increase the "Fast Twitch" muscle fibers...you're not going to like this...skip rope...lots of skip rope.

Anything much else runs the risk of serious, and permanent damage to your skeletal and muscular systems.

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I'm in highschool, so I don't know if a middle schooler should do this stuff but.

Under 2:20, I know for a girl, at least, is pretty hard. I'm not about boy times. I basically would work on endurance. My coach makes me run for 30 mins on tues and thurs. Then on Mon and Wed, I do a harder worker. For example five 1000 meters with 1 min rest and then six 200 meters under 36sec for the cooldown. That isn't really a tactic or technique, I just think building up endurance is the way to go.

After practice, try going to a gym to lift some weights. work on abs, try doing 100 crunches a night and maybe try lifting a medicine ball as you do the crunches.

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UPPER BODY STRENGTH. Just look at any track meet on tv and all the guys and girls running under a mile look like body builders. It's all about upper body strength up to about a mile.

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thats really good, i run like 2:31 on average, i breath in my nose and out my mouth, and i chew gum and i alway sprint the last 100 m.

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The 800 meters is the hardest race in track and field, being stuck between a sprint and middle distance run, it is physically demanding. If your thighs are not burning on fire and going numb at the end of an 800, then you didn't give it all you had. My best advice is to change it up, on mondays run 6 X 200m as fast as you can each one (under 38 seconds would be beneficial only a one minute break between each one!) the next day run 2 miles think about running with a long stride, Wednesday run 3 x 400 shoot for 70 seconds, only take 90 seconds in between, On thursday, run 200, 400, 600, 400, 200. On friday rest, saturday race day

You can move these days around, these will help your speed, and your stamina. Those high knee runs and butt kickers your coaches probably make you do will help more than I can say. They should be done at every workout along with properly stretching, warming up and cooling down.

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Well I ran it in 2:18 so all you need to do is try to always take deep breaths throughout the whole race try not to swallow cuz when you do it causes your breath to shorten and causes you to slow down.I am trying to break my middle school record also trust me It helps!!

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