Any Advise or experences for track?

Question:1. I would like to know what kind of times collages look for to give scholarships to for boys distance?

2. Or any kind of help on training that will make me faster?

3. What kind of foods have alot of carbs in them?

Any help on those questions would help
or any advise or experence while you were running


What is that bracelet thing that some runners (e.g. Paula Radcliffe) wear,and what does it do?

I'm getting picked up for USC in the 800m and I ran 1:57 this season [I'm a JR] after an injury which they took into consideration. As long as I can run under 1:55 next season, which mostlikely will happen and maintain a 3.0 GPA, I'll have a full ride. It varies by conference and type of school which then decides scholarship information.

A base for endurance will allow you to run faster, for an extended period of time regardless of your event. Example, I run with the 2 milers on workouts yet I run the 800 and anchor the 4x4, the endurance allows me to keep at a consistent peaked speed for longer periods of time without lactic acid build up, or atleast allows my body to learn to tolerate it.

Pasta's and breads have a lot of carbs in them, but its better to get carbs from foods with less trans fat.

Also, screw the 'breathe through your nose, out though your mouth' saying. All that does it slow your heartrate and reduces the amount of oxygen entering your body. In other words, it doesn't allow you to run efficently. Just breathe through your mouth into your stomach, not so that your chest rises and you'll be inhaling more oxygen faster which then allows your body's muscles to be fueled better.

Full ride scholarships in CA, either UC or CSU schools is as following:
Mile- 4:17 or below with 3.0 GPA
2 Mile- 9:30 or below with 3.0 GPA
800m - 1:56 or below with 3.0 GPA

This goes unless you happen to win a county title or place in a state meet.

Who holds the record for the fastest mile ever run inside the old Boston Garden?

I am a junior in high school and am getting looked at by several schools. My coach is telling me about the times I need for them to offer me something.
1 mile: 4:25-4:15
2 mile: 9:30-9:15
5k (XC): 16:20-16:00
This should get people looking at you and wanting you to run at their schools. I havn't met these goals yet, but I am getting close.

Stomach problems while running?

Don't use steriods like the rest of the athletes in the Olympics for track. Maintain your sense of integrity and stick to practice and dedication. If you want to go to college on scholarship, you need to stay clear of drugs (steriods) and dedicate yourself to yor sport. Trust me, these two things will earn you money to better your future even if it means at a small college with a respectable track program!

Can wearing knee support prevent injury while running?

I ran these times in high school and at least one recruiter called (but I wasn't in high demand).

800m: 1:57
1600m: 4:33
5000m: 16:20

Getting under 16 minutes for the 5k and under 4:25 for 1600m would make you much more competitive.

As for getting faster, any kind of interval training is a good idea. Make sure you're getting plenty of practice running at your race speed. When you run at race speed you get experience in how to run efficiently when you're running fast. If you have the chance, watch a world-class runner run the 400m. Those runners look relaxed when they're running, but they have huge strides. They just bound down the track. Remember that running fast isn't just moving your legs quicker; it's a whole different approach to the stride. I never fully understood that when I was in high school.

Cross Country Training?

hey i love runnin too, eat lots of pasta!and drink lots of water and train hard!:) goodluck

ps dont go to hard ull get injured like me

Why do my sneakers create holes in my socks when I go hiking?

Div I = Under 2:00 for 800, under 4:20 for 1600, under 9:15 for 3200, well under 16:00 for 5K.

Smaller scools may look at you for substantially slower times or good grades!

Bet on good grades!

Talk to your coach directly about getting faster! You aren't specific enough for answering here.

Food- just no junk food or soda pop and lower your milk consumption.

Old Guy, 2:00 800M, 4:24 Mile, 9:40 2 miles, 15:40 5K, 31:50 10K back in 77 and got nothing at all except football, which I destested. Had to do with hurdling( 14.0 110HH)

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