Can cross-country shoes be used for track?

I have a pair of cross-country flats which can have spikes added to them. Are these the kind of racing shoes that could be used for track, or would I need a new pair?


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If you are running long distance in track, the shoes would probably work. However, if you are looking to participate in sprinting events, you may want to invest in another type of shoe specifically made for sprinting. Usually sprinting shoes have spikes just on the ball of the foot to allow quicker turnover while distance shoes have spikes more all over the shoe to allow the runner to use their entire foot. Hope this helps!

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depending on how light they are you can just add the spikes to them and use those but if u want to run track u want your shoes to be as light as possible

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yes if you are running long distance races and they are still in good shape

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Yeah, in the junior high track meets maybe.

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if there still in good shape you should still be able to use them. If your a sprinter they will probably benefit you more, but flats can be used for distance as well.. just dont use them in field events.. if you do field events get throwing shoes.. most likely you used them a lot for cross country with all the running in it, but since they are flats they should last a little but longer.
good luck, hope it helps

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yes if they are good shoes it doesnot make a difference

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if they have spikes, yes.

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