100m help & hurdles questions?

Question:a little background info on me:
age 16
5'7 (170cm)
124lbs (54kg)
flat feet (currently not using orthodics with my running shoes)

okay now that you know all that, on to the question. my current 100m time is 12.09sec and i've been working hard for the past few months reducing it from 12.98sec. my problem is when i hit the 12.09sec mark i hit a wall. no matter how hard i trained i couldn't work past that time and break into the 11sec times. so i hope that someone with at least moderate track experience can help me out with anything i can to do finally break into the 11s.

second question, i'm thinking about trying to learn how to do hurdles and i'm interested in knowing about form, technique, speed play, ect.


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I can answer one, little, tiny thing on your second question! :) Have someone push you on the back a little bit. You will fall forward and you will automatically and naturally put out one of your legs to stop you. This leg is your lead leg.

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u should try doing some distance training so u can go as fast as possible without having problems with endurance. works for me.

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From your weight, it seems like your more skinny than you are muscular. So the first thing to do is to hit the weight room. Lower body workouts to strengthen your legs, especially the cleans! They give you more explosiveness which will help out with your start, which helps throughout the entire race. Another thing would be to work on your strides, talk to your coaches and work hard on plyometrics so that you can extend them without losing your turnover rate. If your dying towards the end of the race, run 150's in practice and go all out every single time. Just make sure you rest until your completely ready for the next one. If you do the 200, then you should run 250's instead.

As for hurdles, just don't do the 110m high hurdles. With your height you'll be spending twice as much time in the air going over the hurdles than the guy next to you whose 6ft tall. The form is simple but hard to do. You basically lift your lead leg straight up in front over the hurdle, and bring your trail leg across the top while parallel to your hip and the hurdle. It may sound complicated, but if you watch someone do practice it'll make a lot of sense. As for actually running it, the race is a sprint so you'll be going all out (at a rate you can manage) for the entire race.

Question for People who Run?

Reducing times comes from development. There is no secret formula. It takes time to learn to run. If you have run consistent 12.09, you can break into under 12 with a good race. In time with work, that is, weights, diet, drills your times will come down. As far as the hurdles I assume you can run the 300M hurdles, which if you can convert your sprint speed over the longer distance will be a good event for you since the height of the hurdle is 36". You need to keep your center of gravity as low as possible when clearing the hurdle and at only 5'7" I assume your inseam is not 36", so running the highs at 39" would be difficult, but not impossible. Running the hurdles is a technique that takes years to master. There are some sites that can show you proper technique and drills to help. Look at www.masterstrack.com and they have links to training sites. Also www.usatf.org, or www.waterlootrackandfield.org.

Make up...?

run with 5lb weights on ur legs and that should lower ur time

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NEVER run hurdles with any weights, dont ya think you are punding and putting enpugh stress on your ankles,knees,hips,toes,achille... tendons already why add to it by running with weights, your (trail leg)knee is in a weird position, landing unstable with lead foot, toes, ankles and achilles going to get abused, and your hips(iliotibial band) are gonna hurt.

Speed Training Drills
The following drills can be used to improve the aspects of hurdling speed.

Reduce the distance between the hurdles. This will work particularly on leg speed between the hurdles and will simulate the effects of a tail wind. The normal pattern of three strides between the hurdles should be maintained.

Lower the hurdles. This will enable you to work on the rhythm between the hurdles and on leg speed

Remove hurdle 5 or 6 from the full set of 10. you should use a normal stride pattern up to the gap, 7 strides in the gap and a fast normal pattern for the rest of the run. This enables the you to simulate the leg speed and clearance speed of the final four or five hurdles

Increase the number of hurdles. Sprint hurdlers should occasionally train over 11 or even 12 hurdles at normal spacing.

Move all of the hurdles in one of your foot lengths (1st hurdle 1 foot in 2nd 2 feet and so one until all the hurdles are set up) and then move all of the hurdle down 3 inches lower than race height.
The shorter distance and height allows you to better simulate race pace
To explain the form/technique would make this answer very long, please go in this section and look at the answer I gave someone else asking the same thing today. If you really need the answer email me with an address I can email you a detailed answer with drills and a lot of things you could use in workouts.

By the way 5'7 at 16 is okay you still have lots of growing to do and your hurdles right now are not that high, hey did you see Mark McKoy of Canada win the 92 110H gold and Colin Jackson of Great Britian was a world record hlder and not too tall either, Ronaldo Nehemiah was also not exactly a giant, keep working on it, practice your technique and we may be watching you in the Olympics some day.

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is it that you are not getting low enough on to the hurdle, because that can reduce your speed. You should try putting a dime on the hurdle and try and knock it off

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