What would be a good pair of spikes to buy for sprints and would I be able to do long jump in them?

I'm a 14 year old male and do sprints and long jump.What spikes?


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Try the Adidas Nova sprint spikes. like it says in the advert, they're lightweight which will allow quick sprinting, but also have a three quarter length plate which will support your foot- this will be very useful when your foot is put under stress doing long jump. Most people wear their sprint spikes to do long jumping in so don't worry about buying two pairs.

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I just use the same spikes for both sprinting and long jumping. It depends on the type of track your running on. I like to use Blazer 1/8" Pyramid Steel Track Spikes if I'm running on a clay track and jumping off of tar. Most all weather tracks make you wear 1/8" Needle Steel Track Spikes which work really well...If you use anything bigger on a rubber track you kinda get stuck so I wouldn't use anything but the 1/8" spikes. Try going to Eastbay.

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