Alright this is a stupid question, but...?

Question:when at a track meet, have you ever tripped when running off the blocks?

i did that last weekend, it was embarassing


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ahhh that sucks. my freshman year in highschool at my very first meet i was just warming up and it was the first time i had ever worn spikes and i wasn't used to them so i took off fine, but i only went about 15 yards and when i stopped the spikes dug into the ground and i fell right on my face, it was so embarassing

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dont worry i hav done sumat more embarrising i trip over flat floors like a flat floor


yea i've tripped before. Coming off the blocks to hurdles i took 3 steps and tripped over my own feet. you just have to get up and finish the race and laugh it off with your friends later. It'll be fun to look back on and be like "I can't believe i tripped in a track meet.

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lol sorry dont be embarrassed just look back on it when you are out of school and giggle. Mistakes happen.

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haha.. been the.. done that! the next time you will tripped, get up and say "thats my move.. love it?" hehehe

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No way. I am too lazy to run. LOL!

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sort of the same thing happened to me once but in an industrialized softball team event. It came my time to bat and i waited for a good one, and it finally came. I hit it hard and that ball was a triple at least and I took off wide open to first base and only made it one sprint and fell down. I remember the embarrassment to this day although it doesn't bother me now but it has stayed with me .

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I slipped without using the blocks on a start-off of a 400meter race. And dats more embarrasing.

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Are you kidding? It's my first year in track and I've fallen and tripped so many times already.
The most embarrassing time was when I was practicing for the relay and no one tripped me, I just fell flat on my face, scratching up my hands and legs too. Embarrassment happens. (Especially when you don't want it too!)

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On my first (and incidentally, second-to-last) hurdle race, I crashed straight into the hurdle and did a face plant two feet before finish line. Got second place xD

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No but once I started so hard that the blocks flew out of the ground and hit the fence 50 feet away and ripped a hole in it.

people asked me afterwards, woah! you ran w/out blocks? and I said no. I'm just a beast.

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