As a high school sprinter, what food should I eat during an all day track meet?


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Load up on carbs the night before like everyone else is saying.

On race day, stick to eating fruits, vegetables, power bars, and sandwiches. Also stay hydrated by drinking sports drinks or water. The main thing is to stay away from any food including sugar and or grease. That means bacons and energy drinks are a definite disaster. Sugar doesn't hold long enough to help unless your running a 40yd dash, which they don't have in track.

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You'll want to eat mostly carbs such as pasta and bread.

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bread. carbs are used for quick energy, so they can be easily burned off, and not weight you down

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anything that you can get down i cant eat or else i get sick cause of nerves and the combination of running and jumping

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It mostly matters what you ate the day before, but it still matters what you eat during the day. As long as it is healthy, and has healthy carbs and protein then you should eat it. I recommend bananas, power bars, apples.
Any type of fruit will work.
Salt-free saltine crackers with peanut butter are very good for you if you don't have a lot.

Hope this helps!

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the night before load up on carbs (pasta) to get some stored up energy. the day of, eat anything with peanut butter and fruits or vegetables. avoid at all costs anything with a lot of sugar, you will "crash" from the sugar rush and not have a good meet.

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carbs, carbs, and more CARBS!!!!!!! and protein is good too. but mostly carbs. and protein. but mostly carbs. and protein. (and carbs!)

a good way to combine those is peanut butter toast yummy

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you should eat easy to digeat foods like fruits and even baby food. Light and easy. You shouldn't eat anything that you don't eat normally especially for the meet because your body is acustomed to your diet and any changes could bring undesirable results

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yes, carbs like everyone else said. but bananas are also great for you before exercise. they're a great source of energy. and of course lots of water! stay hydrated!

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snack on light foods, high in carbs and low in fat. I prefer granola bars and nutrigrain bars.

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Bananas......they prevent muscles from cramping up. As a sprinter it is extremely important to remain loose and limber.

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"Bit O Honey" bars

These were given to our track team by the coach. They are full of quick energy and carbs(32 grams per bar) they taste good.

Most of the breads take too long to convert to sugars, with bit of honey, there is no delay in getting the sugar into the blood stream .. The bars are cut into pieces that you can take thoughout the day before each event.

quick energy=optimum times

SO go out with your bit of honey and win one for ole Coach Curly of WBHS...

good luck..

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