Any good track sneakers under $49.99? and where to buy them?


Should i join track?

No. You get what you pay for. In running shoes, the lower the price, the lower the technology. Shock is transferred through a cheap shoe into the wearer's joints, causing fatigue and pain. I personally won't run in a shoe that costs less than $100.00 It is well worth it to pay more, and you're more likely to want to run tomorrow if your joints don't hurt as a result of your run today.

Visit "Sports Authority" and get a shoe that fits your running style (pronator, under pronator, over pronator, etc.). If you get one that doesn't, you'll regret it.

What's the best running shoe for an overpronater?

Nike shocks, wal mart!

How long does a physical last in sports?

head over to a Big 5 store. They have tons of high quality running shows at bargain rates!

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Broham. I am a huge track sneakers fan and I cannot tell you how many pairs of cheap kicks i bought from:

Once you are on the site, do a search for track shoes, then click on through to the later pages 6,7,8,9, the higher the page, the lower the price.

Once you go on the page, you'll thank me so much and will come back to give me the 10 points.

1st track meet?

I don't know if you can get a good one for less than $49.99. I'd say get an older model that is just on sale becuase well, it is an old model and stores are just trying to get rid of em. They'll still be a good shoe just not in "style."

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try going to diffrent sports stores and looking for sales, you can get a good pair without blowing your wallet at like sports authority and other places, or order online, your most likely going to find a a good deal. goodluck!

Running but scared?

try athletic annex, but it depends on where you are located so there may not be any around you

What is the best way to run a mile during a track meet?

hey look they have a sale on shoes at Dick's sporting goods in the mall and that's where i got all my running and track stuff

I am looking for 6E neutral running shoes, can they be found? you can get so many great running shoes there. and everything goes on sale after awhile. I just purchased 4.5 oz NIKE sprint spikes there for 49.99. definately worth it!

Running Technique?

They always have quality goods there for every sport and sales on just about everything. Not to mention a numerous array of brands as well. Its really easy to find what you need there and their service is really good too.

Shin splints - I do alot of running and this past 2 months my shins are killing any advice?

No! Unless you find a discounted or clearanced out, major brand, you will not find a quality running shoe for under $70. I used to run in cheap shoes and not only do they fall apart faster, they are not constructed with quality materials to support your feet properly, helping avoid injuries. Typically I spend about $110-130 on a pair of shoes, not to mention my custom insoles.

If you are serious about your running and want to avoid long term injuries, I suggest going to a running specific store in your area and having a employee analyze your running form and type of foot (high arch, low arch).

A good shoe will last anywhere from 300-500 miles. Stick to the main brands: Nike, Rebook, Adidas, Saucony, Asics, Mizuno, New Balance. Certain brands are known for certain things (New Balance tends to run a bid wider). This is why it is best to get help from a professional, or someone well knowledgable of the running industry..

Help! track sucks!?

Dicks or Finnish line

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