What can I do to make the track team?

At my school we are starting track and feild. So we do different track events like 50m dash, 1500m run, long jump, high jump, shotput, 800m run and 400m run. Well I really want to mkae one of the running events, but how can i make sure i do well and make the team? What can i do to prepare?


How to train for running with a leg problem?

Eat healthy NOW. Run for about 10 minutes a day for 4 times a week. Do short sprints 2 times a day, 3 times a week. Do some pilates to streth out your body and build muscle. Ab excersizes are good too. Drink alot of water. The day before the tryouts for these events DON'T run! Rest the whole day, drink PLENTY of water, eat some carbs, and STRETCH! If you run or do any vigorous activities, believe it or not, this can take a toll on you. You won't be as energized and your muscles will be sore. So take good care of your body and you will have a good chance of making it on one of those teams ;)

Any ideas on how to run farther and faster?

i would just run...there is no other way to train for running besides running! run ALOt

What's a good website to find races such as 5ks, 10ks, or 5milers?

Run Forrest RUN!!

How i turn pro long distance runner?

Well...if you watch a lot of tv...STOP!! I can teell you have been on the Computer, STOP!! IF you cant stop watching tv then during the commercials do sit ups for your abs, push ups for ur arm strength, and run up and down the stairs. Do it until your commercial is over or even better until the end of the show

I just ran a 12k race. What type of foods should I avoid post race?

Start to eat the right foods work on sprints or even distance if you like those long races. Make sure you stay in shape, stretch, etc. run at least a mile every day or every other day so you get used to it. good luck !

What are the significant health risks of jogging in the city around car exhaust fumes?

Run for fun. Take part in say 5 events. Then decide which you like best.

Running at altitude.?

practice with the team if you can, if you cant just jog a few miles so you will be fit. run all the events and record them and show your coach and ask him what event or events would be best for you. and remember when you run keep good posture, long strides, a synchronized breathing patterned, and push yourself.`Hope I helped good luck in getting in track

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