About how long is a good length for a 14 yr old girl 5'5" on the long jump?

Well, im 5'5" and i jump the long jump.. my coaches tell me they don't know hnd they need to look it up... mmmhh


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Yes! A jumper!! Long and triple jump were my events when I was in high school. It's difficult to say what the best length for 14 yr olds at a specific height, but to be starting 12 to 13 feet is not that bad at all. What you can ask your coaches is what the is the Regional qualifying length in long jump. I know for my region in high school, the minimum length was 15 for girls. Set a goal as to what you would like to be able to jump by the end of the season and work towards that goal.

As a side note, you can do exercises that will help strengthen the muscles that you primarily use when jumping. One that I did a lot was to up a set of stairs (while holding the rail), but only using my jumping foot to go up each step. Hope this helps and good luck in your track career!!

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5'5" is not good on any long jump if you're serious about going into track you need a standing long jump of at least 7 feet. If you are doing the running long jump then you should jump about 12-15 feet.

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in my area to qualify for districts for girls you had to jump 15'4 and to qualify for regionals you had to jump 17'0.

hope that helps :)

i forgot to add that these were for high school not middle school.

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12-13 ft is pretty good...I'm 5'1" but I'm 18 and jump about 14 an a half feet on average...But I would say your doing pretty well and have the next few years to potentially get much better!

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5'5'' is good it's that fact that if u can jump very high..at my school there are activies we do to let us kno if we are good enuff for long jumping..i did 400m,800m during winter season and now i long jump ...im between 5'5'' -5'6''

Best of Luck -->
2 all my TRACK luvers

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