6 spikes vs. 7 spikes?

Question:For spikes, is it better to have 6 or 7?
I just bought a pair of zoom rival s III by nike and i'm wondering, are these good for the events i'm doing?
I'm doing, hurdles, high jump, long jump, and maby the 400


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The number of spikes you have doesn't make enough of a difference to notice. You just need to make sure all of your holes have spikes or studs in them. If you leave one open you could possibly catch gravel or other small objects that can mess up your running.

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It depends on the locations of the spike I would think.

Besides, the amount of spikes on your shoe probably won't affect your outcome very much at all...

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It doesn't really matter, one spike isnt going to make much of a difference as long as they are spread out among the front of your foot.
Do your spikes have plastic or rubber bottoms? Faster running/shorter distances usually use plastic bottoms.

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hurdles 7
2 in toe area,
2 -middle of balls of feet under big toe/ and side of foot under baby toe,
3 on base of ball of foot/top where arches start

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