Any mid-distance running advice?

I run 2,4,800 meters and i get tired easy how can i make myself faster and less tired in the 400 and 800 meters! Thanks!


7:30 per mile good for 13 year old?

Do more distance training. Start running more of a distance base. You could also try doing 400M repeats, run a quarter at about 10 seconds faster than you want you 1/2mile pace to be, walk a quarter, run another quarter about 3 seconds faster pace, walk a quarter, run another another 3 seconds faster, walk... keeping going until you have run 5 quarters. You have covered 2.25 miles and your last quarter should of been run 5 seconds below what you hope to be your 1/2 time.

Do this work out twice, about a week apart. The third week run this again, but make the drop from one quarter to the next 2 seconds, and do 9 at pace, so you lasst is 6 seconds faster than you pace and you have run 3.75 miles.

Is it possible to 30-40 seconds of a mile in 12 months/year?

train on longer distances. run 400, 800, and 1600 in practice.

How to choose which 5k/10k run to join?

In High school when I ran on the track team they split us up into specific groups based on distance. The mile and 2 mile runners did virtually the same workout only the 2 miler was longer and slower pace. The 800m runners would often run the mile workouts.

The 200m, 100m runners did their own thing. The 400 meter runners were special of something like that because they had their own group all to themselves.

The 200 as you would guess is more of a sprint type race and therefore you're going to work on less distance of more all out workouts. 90% - 80% maybe even 100% on your intervals. Focusing on the 400 & 800 will promote your endurance more and cut back on your speed work to help you in the 200.

Since I was a distance runner I can talk more specifically to the 800 meter workouts. The 800 meter runners would always run the distance workouts with us. The furthest they would run is around a 7 mile run with us. We would have 2 track workouts during the week. The 800 meter runners averaged around 30 miles a week to give you an indication of their workload. As stated before they would run the track workouts with the milers. An example workout would be 6 x 400's at around a 60-70 second clip with around a minute of rest in between.

While I don't know the specific mileage totals for the 400 runners I know it is far less than the 800 runners would do. They of course would run a shorter workout at a faster pace.

The longer the race the more mileage you have to put in. Think about it the further you run the easier it will be to do a 400, 800, or mile. You need to have a solid base and then work on longer intervals on the track. Your 200 times more than likely would suffer as a result from getting a stronger endurance base, but once that is accomplished you could work on your speed which would help you in your 200. Good with the training. You're running quite the trio of events. In my 4 years on the high school track team we never had anyone run those 3 events.

Im in 8th grade, and my fastest mile was 6:20, and my 2 mile is 16:06, is that good?

Seeing that u run mostly sprints your problem is that your not getting enough distance in during the week. Run a mile before every practice. Doesn't have to be a specfic pace but make sure your going fast enough to feel the burn. In two til three weeks u will see progress. Also if u take bath instead of showers hold your breath a few times underwater help with your endurance.

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