Are static stretches bad before competition?


Droping time in the mile?

Yes. Static stretching ( referred to as relaxed stretching)A warm up should include event specific drills to stimulate the appropriate neuromuscular action for the range of movement and correct posture.

Static stetching do exactly as sounds(remain still) you should do Dynamic stretching (Dynamic stretching consists of controlled leg and arm swings that take you gently to the limits of your range of motion) slowed controlled movements through the full range of the motion - will reduce muscle stiffness which warm ups are supposed to get you prepared, gets your muscles ready to do the action of competition. Why you see for instance, hurdlers do a lot of hurdling stretches and hurdle drills.
Static stretches are beneficial to conduct as part of the warm down program and at the end of a training session. The aim is to relax the muscles and facilitate an improvement in maximum range of motion,are recommended as they relax the muscles and increase their range of movement.

Is 42 mns good for a 10km run?

Yes. They are bad. Static stretching should be used after workout.
Static stretching makes your muscles relax, thus when you run, it is easier to get pulled.

How can I improve on my track and frield triple jump?

they are bad before any running

Is 10min 28 seconds in 2 laps ok?

It's not that they're bad, it's just that they haven't been proven to help. It is better to do dynamic stretching working on flexablity before working out and then static stretching after working out to help break up lactic acid build-up.

All stretching helps your muscles to relax...THAT IS THE POINT. Relaxed musles help prevent injury, not cause them. Musles work much the same way rubber bands do. When you stretch it is just like stretch the rubber band and then letting it go back to normal. This stretching helps your muscles to stay loose and flexable.

Knee pains, first time doing track?

My track coach uses static stretches before runs. I highly do not recomend them. I have felt very tight in my runs. They are horrible and i prefer the good ol fashion touch ur toes.

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