Are dynamic stretches bad before sprinting competition?


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dynamic stretches are great. dynamic stretches help prepare your muscles more for explosive movements than static stretching. static stretches are important but should not be done directly before competition. a hard warm-up of running and plyometrics (for example bounding) added with dynamic stretches will help you prepare for your event.

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i dont know our coaches tell us to do stretch and do drills before we run a race. at practice we just warm up do drills after practice we stretch.

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Dynamic stretching is essential for maximizing your sprinting speed. These get your muscles loose while increasing bloodflow and helping to reduce the odds of injury.

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Actually very good.
Before a competition this should be your routine.
Warm Up
5 to 10 minutes jogging - to increase body temperature
10 to 15 minutes dynamic stretching exercises - reduce muscle stiffness
10 to 15 minutes general and event specific drills - preparation for the session or competition. e.g. for a runner
Lower leg drills
Leg drills
Technique drills
4 to 8 easy run outs over 30 to 60 metres - focus on correct running technique (Tall, Relaxed, Smooth and Drive)
Dynamic stretches are more appropriate to the warm up as they help reduce muscle stiffness. Static exercises do not reduce muscle stiffness.

After conmpetition
Cool Down
5 to 10 minutes jogging/walking - decrease body temperature and remove waste products from the working muscles
5 to 10 minutes static stretching exercises- decrease body temperature, remove waste products from the working muscles and to increase range of movement.
Static stretches are more appropriate to the cool down as they help muscles to relax and increase their range of movement.

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