Any way to keep your arms from cramping during a race?

I am a pretty good 800 runner, around 2:30, but every so often, my arms cramp up, and I fall back to like 2:50. Any good stretch that can prevent that?


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Well, I run too, so I know where you're coming from on this one... ;)
You can try doing that stretch where you put your arm across your chest and pull it. Or you can do the stretch where you put your arm up and bend it so it touches your shoulder blade and pull on your elbow. Arm cramps are pretty common. I used to get them too, but I think I've gotten used to pumping my arms hard. Either that, or my form has gotten better. When I first started running, I used to run with my elbows out and my hands high. If you run swinging your arms in their full range of motion with elbows in, arm cramping will be reduced. This means that your hands should go from almost as high as your chin to down to your hip when you pump your arms. Also, the more you run, the more your arms will get used to all that pumping you have to do for an 800! Your arms will get stronger the more you swing them back and forth when you run, and with a little tweaking of your form, your arm cramps will be a thing of the past before you know it! Good luck on the 800!

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Hey. You should always warm up before a race and stretch thoroughly. The best thing to do is to relax your arms throughout the race. If you feel like you are tightening up, shake your arms off a bit. I used to have this problem as well. Remember, its probably because you are too tense. It's a race so just relax and have fun.

Also, it might your form. Don't have your arms to close to your body but not too far out. Don't have them really high either. I had a habit of running with my arms too close to my body and too high.

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My main piece of advice to you is to drop your arms more when you run. The reason they could be cramping up may be that they are too tight. It's okay to loosen your arms and let them go down lower- in fact it much more efficient. If you get that big swing pendulum action going you will keep your momentum forward.

As has been mentioned earlier, stretching and also moving the muscles around prior to a race is imperative. Try making stretching more active. Swing your arms around rather than just yanking on them in odd directions. Try to simulate race conditions. Also, less known stretch that I have found to be helpful is to clasp your hands behind your back and straighten out your arms, holding them together. Have someone lift up on your hands and it will stretch out your shoulders and arms.

Good luck- I hope it all works out!

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While in a race, I would check and see how you run with your hands. If you run with fists, then you are not getting any blood circulation, and run like you are trying to hold a potato chip between your thumb and index finger. This will allow blood circulation. If your fists are fine, then, shake out the arms during the run. Basically place your arms next to your sides straight out, shake them, and gradually move them back to regualr running form.. You just need to find a way to get the blood flowing. Also make sure you are getting enough water.

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forget your arms your arms can't run you need your legs to do that works you need to focus on your legs and do alot of stretches so you won't get a cramp in your leg hope the advice helps

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just do the two thing that i do always stretch and eat bananas i know that sounds stupid but it work for me

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stretch well.. also eat bananas.. they help prevent cramping but you have to eat them ahead of time. prob the morning of the race

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Have someone video tape you during a speed workout or race. If you're like me, you'll be surprised at how bad your form is (arms). Focus on your arms every time you run and have your coach remind you and help you. I had bad shoulder cramping problems for 8 years before my coach helped me with this. It really did aleviate a lot of my problem.

Good luck.

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There is nothing you can take by mouth that will help you with your arms. Are you lifting weights with your arms at all? Your arms might just not be in as good of shape as the rest of your body. Working out your arms (weights, push ups, pull ups) is just as important as running and working out your legs. Your arms pump your body to go!

Another thing you might be doing is clenching your fists which will tighten your arms and cause them to cramp. Focus on loosening your hands (not flapping, just a loose fist) and relax your arms so that instead of crossing them in front of you up near your chest, you're loosening them so that they are at your side and pumping the air along side of you. Its a bit hard to describe but hopefully those tips will help.

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I used to have the same problem.
First, make sure you do not clench or tense your hands. Either try to keep your hands straight the entire time, or act like you are holding a tissue with both hands (practice running holding a tissue if you have to).
Work on things like push ups and lifting weights to make your arms stronger. Pulls ups are a good one- try to hold your arms at a 90 degree angle for 10 seconds before pulling all the way up. Do the same when you come back down.
I know you probably know this already, but just in case: make sure your arms are going straight forward, and keep your elbows in. Don't swing your arms in front of you, because that hurts after a little bit.
Hope I helped!

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