Are sprinters track spikes fine for long jumping?

Will a sprinters track shoe work for long jump because it would be difficult to find specificly long jump track spikes.


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Hello fellow track and field athlete. Long jumping spikes are hard to fine and not really necessary. You should be fine with sprinter track spikes. I would focus more on gaining speed on the runway and your jump.

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Definetely, It will give you plenty of boost.

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There are specialty spikes just for long jump, but sprint shoes will work fine, and if you are beginning you do not need to spend the money on different shoes.

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Yea def. use them i use sprinter spikes for long jump, triple jump, and high and they work great.

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You should get yourself a couple "heel cups" to wear if you decide to jump in sprinting spikes. Sprinting shoes do not have much cushioning in them. If you do a lot of jumps in them, you may bruise your take-off heel when you hit the board to jump.

I used to long jump in track spikes, and I stuffed foam into my shoes. In those days it wasn't as easy to get the products that are available now. That would still work if the heel cups are hard to get or bother you.

Have a good season!

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Sprinting spikes are perfectly fine for long jumping. the structure of the spike is ideal because you have to sprint before the jump. you must make sure that the pits that you are jumping in have lots of sand so you do not injure your heels. you could also use mid distance spikes.

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