800 meter race help?

OK so this is my first year doing track and im a sophmore in high school. i'm decided to do the 800 meters. during a time trial i did about 4 weeks ago, my time was 3:02 (pretty bad). and then in our first track meet a week ago i got 2:52, and then this week's meet i got 2:47 but for some reason i feel like that's still pretty slow. any advice? my goal is to try to get down to 2:20-2:30.


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the 800 can be a tough race for many reasons. it's definitely a test of speed but you also have to have the endurance to hold that speed for somewhat of a middle distance. your training should consist of mostly distances around your event, so try not to do too much over 1000 meter repeats for workouts for workouts. but if weight is an issue, you may want to consider a few morning distance runs per week to shed a few pounds. you'll be amazed how much faster you feel by dropping 5 or 10 lbs. now as far as the race is concerned, you definitely want to make sure and get out with the lead pack. but you don't want to burn yourself out. figure out what you can run a 400 in. ease off that speed to about 80 percent of maximum effort. so if you can run a 400 in 60 seconds, you should probably aim at a time of about 70 speed quarter speed starting out your race. try and come through the first 200 at that speed. then from 200-600 give it all you've got. from there it's pretty much all you've got left. your legs will be burning and you'll be gasping for your last breath but you improve your time quite a bit.

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You should try running up hill or maybe you could run up and down the stairs. Do some jump rope everyday and most important eat healthy.

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You just have to keep practicing running. This will allow your lungs to refine their oxygen output, increase in size, and make your muscles practice the slow-twitch. Eating the right foods will also make sure your energy level is optimum, meaning you've got the fuel to run at maximum for 800.

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Get into the gym and start pumping the iron PT. Look at any track meet on TV and you'll find all the runners doing less than a mile are bulky on top. Simple reason - shorter races are won by the runners with the most upper body strength. Good Luck.

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Well my school's specialty is in the 800m to 1600m. So really to get those times I would suggest to get used to running those high 2's and then just as in weight lifting when it gets easy try something different. Try troubleshooting in your running. See exactly how long you can sprint for. run the first 600m pretty fast and that last 200m kick the pace up as quick as you can but make sure you can finish strong. Pump the legs in the final sprint. But being a beginner in track I really cant say much. Although I know I can probably do mid 2's because when we run a half mile at school it is actually more than 800m. Even our mile is longer. I get under 2:30 most of the time when I run with the low 5 min. milers in my school.

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An effective workout could be to run intervals once or twice a week. For your case, this would entail running perhaps eight 200 meter splits at the race pace you are shooting for. Allow yourself to jog maybe 50, 100 meters in between each repeat. The intensity of this workout can be raised by less recovery time and more repeats, but don't let the distance exceed 400 meters.

However, if you're already on a track team, then you likely have a workout schedule provided for you. Either way I hope it helps. Good luck.

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Have you run any 400s and what was your time? You can extrapolate your 800 from the 400, if you are a middle distance runner. You need to run even splits. What was your 400 time in your races? Did you slow down on the second lap, or was it faster? Were you very tired at the finish of the race, or did you have something left? A good test of your 800 fitness is to run 600, rest for 1 minute and then sprint a 200. That will be close to your 800 race time. You need to run some intervals. Try 3-4 400 at race pace with about 3 minute rests in between. Do 6-8 200 at a little faster than race pace with about 1 minute rests. Depending on the time in your season you should have done some over distance, meaning 1000meters, usually 2 or 3 coming through the 400 splits about 10 seconds slower than race pace, with 4 minute rests. I also like to do 500s early in the season. Come through the 400, 5 seconds slower than what your 400 race would be at that time, in other words 5 seconds slower than how fast you could run the 400 then, and sprint the last 100m. You hope that each 100 split will be the same time, and when you are trying to sprint the last 100 it should be the same time as the other 100s. This event is 50% speed and 50% endurance. You need to run distance the days you are not doing intervals, and jog an easy 2 miles after your track workouts. Don't be discouraged it takes a long time to learn and train for this event. Just think about improving and learning how to run.

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Sounds like you have some really good advice above. I also wanted to add one very important thing. You say this is your first year running track and it looks like you are on the right road. Your times seem to be consistently getting lower and that's what training is all about. You can't expect to lower your time from 3:02 to 2:20 so soon. It takes time and if you are truly working out as hard as you can, eating right, and have the talent, you will get there. Stay encouraged and celebrate the little goals you accomplish each meet!

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try sprinting the whole 800 m. it's hard, but possible then you'll get the time you desire. work on endurance and maintaining your speed throughout.

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The trouble most runners have with the 800 is they run the first 400 too fast and are gassed the second 400. A really good workout to increase your stamina and increase your oxygen intake (which will decrease the muscle burn) is to run repetitive distances of between 300 meters (for speed) and 1000-1200 meters (for distance). Between each run, walk around the track one or two time to your starting spot and run another.
Weight training will help you increase speed and strength to become more durable during the race.
One piece of advice is to have your coach or a teammate analyze your running motion. If you watch the runners on TV or the best runners on your team, they all run on the ball of their feed and have a fairly high knee motion and most importantly, they pump their arms in a straightforward motion.
Good luck!

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