Asics or Mizunos?


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Mizunos fit me the best, because Asics are made for people with narrower feet. I also think that Mizunos make better off road and mountain running shoes, but it's all up to you. What fits another person perfectly could be a total disaster to the next.

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They are both excellent running shoes, but I would have to say Mizunos because their just a little more comfortable.

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both are great shoes. what your decision will come down to is which shoe will fit your feet the best.

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both brands are very good running shoe brands. i use asics because i have found a pair that fit me perfectly. I have not used a pair of mizunos but my boyfriend uses them and really likes them. it also depends on the shape of your foot i have heard that miszunos tend to fit a more slender foot. so really i don't exactly have a preference but i do highly recommend asics. Asics are definatly very supportive.

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Asics GT 2120
I have a narrow heel and these have a snug fit.
The toe box is seamless, don't catch my toe nail (my last pair of Nikes gave me a lovely case of black toe).
Finally, they have "spring" -- that feeling like there's recoil off the running surface.


I've actually had pairs of both, and I'd have to say that I like the Mizunos better. The Asics were a bit too wide on me (I've got narrow feet) while the Mizuno Waverider line fits me perfectly, and isn't too heavy or too light or anything. Also, they're easier to clean after a day of running in mud for cross country, which is, of course, a high schooler's priority in shoes. (Joking!)

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I use Mizunos and they work great

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The majority of the runners I know wear Asics, and are really happy with them. I've worn both, and Asics are definitely my preference. The Mizunos wore out really fast, but the Asics last me a long time, no matter how long I run. There's a wide variety of kinds of Asics for different feet, and I don't think I can say the same for Mizunos.

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