Is 16:50 a good time for two miles? (im in track)?


Whats a good time?

It depends on your age and natural athletic ability. A 6:40 mile is pretty good, but that means that your second mile is 10 minutes. There can be improvement, but 16:50 is a good place to start.
Elite high school girls run the 2 mile anywhere from 11 to 12 minutes.
Catherine White was the national high school girls track athlete of the year and she ran a 10:26 2 mile.
Just keep running and practicing and your time will come down a lot!

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No for a guy its about 10 min. and for a girl about 11 or so assuming your in highschool that is

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well i guess it depends on your own athletic abilities, but id say thats a good time. it means u ran one mile in just a little over 8 minutes, which isnt bad. over time, you will get faster!

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i think u could get bout 12 min but it depends

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not really.
i'm in track & for 2 miles i do it in 9:50

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"Good" varies by runner. If you can run a 6:40 mile than chances are that you can break 14 in the 2-mile. You need to run some longer distances in training. Try to build up to a brisk 4-5 mile jog over the course of the next several weeks. Work in some hills and intervals, too. Do this and you'll likely see all of your times get faster (mile & 2-mile). Good luck!

- Mike

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Well, I run about 10 minutes a mile and thats just at a moderate pace. I would say your doing very well

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yeah that is a pretty good time. I can run a mile in about 6 min. and 2 miles in 13:30 that Sam>3 girl is lying she can't run 2 miles in 9:50 that is a marathon time right there she wishes she could

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Of course you can. You can do anything you set your mind to. I joined the track team in 7th grade and I ran a 5:41 mile. When I was in 10th grade, I ran a 4:46 mile. I always thought that I wasn't quick enough or that I would never get below 4:50. You got to believe you can do it. Remember to do the small things that count. Always stretch after a run, drink plenty of water throughout the day, listen to your coach, avoid junk food (and soda). But always remember, to go out there and have fun. Don't take this too seriously because if you do then it will cause problems. Good luck to you. You can do it!

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no no that horrible you should at least get 12-14 min if not that your not good at long distance try something else

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It's not really a good time, but that just means there's lots of room for improvement. If you can run a 6:40, you will definitely be able to cut this time down. And I guarantee you will over time. What I did at your age was write my goal times for each lap on my arm and each lap I would look at my arm to see where I was at and guage if I should pick up the pace or not. That might be something for you to try. Just know that you are definitely able to run faster than you have - you have to believe that to make it happen.

Good luck. Keep us posted on how it goes!

PS - that Sam girl is definitely lying. It's funny when people try to sound cool by lying about their times - they just end up looking rediculous!

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If you could do a 6:40 mile then your two mile should be faster. aim for 11 or 12 minutes depending what grade your in

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