Are enemas common for runners before races?

I am a runner and sometimes get urges for bowel movements either during or immediately after my run. I've heard of "runner's trot" and that the the port-o-john can make or break it for some seasoned marathoners. I just don't want this embarassing urge to strike during my races. Will an enema a several hours before the race help?


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Hmm... sounds frighteningly similar to my first half marathon, after which I spent the night in the emergency room because I was going to the bathroom and passing blood. The doctors at the time told me it was eschemic colotis, a condition that sometimes occurs in long-distance runners, especially women, and was compounded by the fact that I took Aleve the night before. I left the hospital thinking that it was a one time thing.

I've gotten sick every long run since then (and even on some 5-6 milers) and often remain too sick to eat for hours after a run. The blood is gone but the need to go is unbearable and has caused many an uncomfortable mile. I've tried varying my diet, cutting out ibuprophen, not eating anything for HOURs before, etc. Nothing worked.

That was until about 2 months ago. I read an article about "runner's trots" that described me exactly. The article said that the condition happens in a high percentage of male female runners at some point in their lives. It recommended taking Immodium AD an hour or so before a long run. Not to sound like an advertisement, but Immodium AD changed my life. I finished my first post-running-trots (sorry!) half mary yesterday and immediately went out for nachos and a big lunch. My stomach feels great!

Hope your problem can be solved much more quickly and easier than mine -- but try Immodium if you're desperate. It works!

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uh I dont think sol That sounds dangerous and stupid. Talk to your coach about that or if you dont have one, talk to someone else.

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I think you need to look at your meals the night before running. Are you used to going at a certain time of the day, and is this time around the time of your races? If so you need to adjust your normal function time so it is not during race time. If this only happens when racing then perhaps your diet is the problem. Keep a diary of what you eat and how it affects you. I have never had this problem, but what I eat the night before can cause an upset stomach so I belch if I am not careful.

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I agree that this is NOT COMMON. I have never heard of this and can't believe that some runners would even do this. I eat breakfast an hour and one half before my run. My breakfast is usually a banana with peanut butter and then I have my water with me. I have gotten urges during marathons; however I used the port-o-johns and usually didn't get the urge until mile 23. If you use a port-o-john remember to keep moving if there is a line -- I've seen too many runners just stand there after running 10 to 15 miles and then are surprised when they lock up at mile 20 - 23.

Good luck and I hope you speak with your doctor if you decide to try an enema.

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NO. That would not be a good idea AT ALL. I suspect the results would be maximum dehydration and weakness which can cause much worse consequences than the trots. In any case, before doing anything drastic, talk to your doctor to rule out an existing medical problem and to get his/her advice on your plan.

PS. This may just be nerves that will go away with time.

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