1st track meet?

My first track meet is Monday, and I want to get as much practice in as possible. I was just wondering what to do. How much should I run? And what foods should I eat? And any tips to run better DURING the race? Thank you!


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If your race is on Monday you surely don't want to start pushing yourself now. Take Sunday off for sure or just do a very light jog. You need to let your body recover before you really push it during the race! There is no way to really practice now before the race- what you've done up until now is what you have- the rest is up to believing in yourself and seeing yourself doing great on race day.

Have a good meal the night before, get plenty of rest, hydrate (drink lots of water) and get all your gear together the night before (that always got me in the mood!) On race day, keep your breakfast light- bananas are good for energy and again, drink plenty of fluids especially if it's hot (I have no idea where you live) I always would listen to my favorite wild music to pump myself up and get into a zone. When I got onto the track, I had already drowned out the other runners by putting myself in the zone and would focus on my time and my running alone. Do YOUR best, don't worry about what everyone else is doing. While you're there to compete, you should compete against yourself and really focus on your race, no one elses.

I'm sure you'll do great! Best of luck!

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Run as often as you can. Running with your iPod or music player can make it more fun. Go to a local track and run laps. Don't eat any junk food, just protein foods like eggs and chicken breast. Drink a lot of water. On the day of the race, do not run too much, save your strength for the race. Remember to stretch well before running, it will prepare your legs.

During the race, if you are running long distance, keep in 2nd or 3rd place until the last 100 meters, then sprint as fast as you can. Believe me, this works, this technique has won me 1st place in my entire county. If you are doing short distance, remember to run as fast as you can the whole way, do NOT slow down ever! When running in a race NEVER LOOK BEHIND YOU! This is the worst mistake you can make. It will slow you down and make you nervous. Just focus on you, not any of the other runners. Good luck, I hope you do well!

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Practise hard first then rest. Thats how my cross country instructor told us to do. We would practice hard the third day, then rest on the second, the third and finally, the race comes. Eat a lot of protein, if your not a big fan of meat then try eating nuts or peanuts because it has a lot of protein i can guarantee that. Drink lots of water and make sure you are in good shape. And dont let peer pressure get to you, and never look behind you during a race. For practice run like a 11/2 a mile and a half it really helps, or you can run laps around a field. Just follow these and you will be fine and good as new!

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dont over run yourself, the day before just do a 15 minute jog no more thatn that. you should eat a lot fo carbs and drink a lot of water, if you eat like a pig then you'll be running like a pig. during the race try to mentally focus forgot the crowd screaming at you keep your eyes on the track and try to beat all the people in front of you. also NEVER slow down when you get to the finish line keep running a good 10 feet after you finish just to make sure. after you stop keep walking dont stop and bend over you get cramps. also sunflower seeds are perfect for keeping your mind from the race, at clams the nerves. good luck!

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