Can you run faster in shoes or barefooted?



How do you break in a new pair of running shoes?

Barefoot. I can run over a 100 in 13 seconds barefoot but with shoes on i run a 100 in 16 seconds. It's crazy! Hope this helps :D

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i personally i think i run faster barefoot indoors on mats. I use to take tae kwon do and wenever we have to run around the gym, i feel a lot faster and lighter on the feet. The ground surface plays a factor on your speed as well

Is running better then bikeriding or vice versa??

i believe you can run faster in shoes

A mile on the elliptical?

Barefoot. Theres a whole science behind the barefooted running. That's why Nike started the whole Nike Free brand of shoes...apparently not only does it allows you to run faster ... but it also builds up the weak muscles in your feet.

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If people really ran faster barefooted, than the world class sprinters wouldn't use sneakers.

What are some good lower leg and foot stretches for runners?


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Depends on the shoes.. odviously running shoes with good spikes are ultimatly faster then barefoot.

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bare foot, but it's not good for your feet and joints.
I think you run faster because thers nothing weighing you down.

Metal track spikes and wooden long jump board?

Running barefoot is faster, but it hurts more which can slow you down. So thats why spikes are used because they are as close to a barefoot as possible but comfortable at the same time.

Are sprinters track spikes fine for long jumping?

in shoes, your feet will get hurt if you run barefooted.

Mizuno or Asics for Sprinting spike shoes?

Up to a point, running in lighter shoes improves performance. That's why racing flats and spikes are lighter than trainers. However, there is no evidence that running bare foot is more economical or more effecient than running in racing shoes. If barefoot were better, elite runners would be racing barefoot. They don't and there isn't a current world record that was set running barefoot.

Before people start mentioning barefoot runners such as Abebe Bekila. When he switched to running in shoes, he ran 3 minutes faster in the marathon. Asafa Powell has three times run 9.77 for the 100m wearing spikes. If he could run .01 faster barefoot, he would run barefoot. This has nothing to do with not wanting to take the time to train this way. These guys make money by running as fast as they can.

Average mile times for high school freshman?

I can run faster with sandals on.

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There was a study done comparing speed in spikes and bare foot. The times were about the same on the straight for short runs. Depending on the condition of the surface and running curves spikes were faster.

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I know for a fact that *I* run faster barefoot, simply because I haven't worn footwear for ten years. If it's a more general 'can people run faster barefoot' I'd still say they probably could since it's far lighter, they don't have to lift the shoe at every step. Several runners have done very well barefoot, but most won't want to take the time to train that way.

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