(for schimdtee) How can i run faster?

im planning on playing football (high school, and ill be a freshman)


What other food or drink other than water can give u more energy after eating it 10mins before a track race?

A great track work out that you can build in with lifting weights (depending on your endurance) would be a warm up of anywhere from 2 laps to 4 (like I said, if you aren't in super running shape, keep it lower- 2 laps just so that you make sure you're warmed up enough---and stretch too!) and then the workout would be to sprint the straight a ways and slowly jog the curves of the track. Continuing to run the entire time is key because it does build your endurance and it teaches your body how to handle quick pops in running (like you would on the field.) Sprint the 100 meter, slowly jog the curve and explode again at the 100 meter line. It's a great way to gain speed. If you're just starting try just 4 laps (a mile) of doing this. This gives you 8 sprints. Warm down afterwards as well.

Another way to build leg strength is doing bleacher stairs- run up them with high knees and coast back down them (don't trip :-) You'd be amazed at how much this stregthens your legs.

Perhaps do this 3 times a week (the sprints) Build onto it if you need to; do more laps etc. add in the stairs- whatever you can handle. And when you sprint- REALLY sprint- there is no need to time yourself- don't cheat yourself though. Really push it, and allow yourself to recover on the curves.

Good luck!

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if there is a track near you, id suggest jogging 200 meters, then sprint 100 meters then jog 200meters... so on so forth.. otherwise sprint 100 then jog 100... also if there is a weight room near you, id highly suggest using that and drink protein shakes (Only if you are lifting regularly)

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A good idea is to ask even more vague questions hoping some magic solution will come to you. I love that one.

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