Breathing techniques while sprinting?

Question:When I am running say the 100 meters, I usually go the first 50 meters without taking any breaths while I breathe rather erratically during the latter parts of the race. I believe that this has an effect on my times as it gets to the point where I cannot run at full speed in the final ten or so meters.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can control this? Thanks.


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You need to breathe. You can not go the first 50 meters without breathing. Make an effort to take a full breath. Fill up your lungs. You must learn to run fast while being relaxed. Do not make a fist, relax your arms and shoulders. Breath. When you get into the blocks try to take long slow breaths. When the starter says "set" take a deep breath and hold it until he fires the gun. Blow out as you explode. Take another breath as you take your second step and breath.

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My guess is to run around the track the distance many many times. Aim for time on the clock. I think the more you practice the breathing thing will take care of its self. Drink water between training. I'm not an athelete but I know all about breathing.

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I always breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth when I sprint.

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If you run it under about 13 sec just take one big breath at the beginning and slowly let it out throughout the course of the race. The 100m is an anaerobic race where your muscles do all of their work through stored energy, not the intake of oxygen, it is too fast for that. Technically you don't have to breathe at all, but your brain would not enjoy that.

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Even though 100 meters is anaerobic, it doesn't mean that you totally don't need oxygen. While I bet this is just a habit of yours, and the most important things while sprinting that you can do with breathing are:

1. Exhale hard when the gun sounds. It's just like lifting a heavy weight. exhaling just works with it.
2. I, (well i'm a distance runner) find that it helps if I find a pattern to breathe in/out like in 2 strides out 2 strides. Try changing this around in races and see what you like, I guess.
I'm not smart on sprinting, but this is what I see.

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For the 100M an anaerobic event you may want to take one breath and go, make the rhythm is even, so that you're not panting. or holding your breath and passing out at the end of the race. In order to suck down enough air, you need to breathe through both your nose and mouth. And when you exhale, you puff out your cheeks. You do this so you can retain some residual air which you need in order to have a better exchange of oxygen." and allows for a relaxed head region
practice all kinds of breathing patterns to become familiar with them and to note your body's reaction.
Try the 3-3 breathing rhythm, 4-4 breathing rhythm and try unequal breathing rhythms such as 3-2 and 2-3. you can try and use a 2-2 breathing rhythm breathing rhythm starting the breathing cycle on the foot that powrs out of teh starting blocks. If you use the 2-2 breathing rhythm and it doesn't work, switch the breathing rhythm to start on the other foot or switch to a 3-3 breathing rhythm.
In the start on
Set:Take deep breath and hold
B of the Bang:Exhale

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For longer distances, I would say just breathe naturally, however, sprinting is a different beast. I would try a running cadence breathing technique (see link below). If you've ever watched any of the Olympic sprinters, they breathe like a locomotive. Take a deep breath at the start and a big exhale as you explode down the straightaway. From that point take full and quick breaths to the finish. Try this in practice and experiment with what works best for you. Good luck!

- Mike

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