Anyone a Runner? Can you help me out with a shoe question?

I've just purchased a new pair of shoes and have made 2 runs. For the first time I've gotten blisters under the ball of my foot. I this the shoes? and will my feet get used to the shoes and this problem go away? or do I need some new socks?


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I run about 40 miles a week. What I do is when my shoes are getting closer to the end of their lifespan, I start walking in and wearing my shoes around to break them in.

Even if your shoes fit properly, you can get blisters from jumping in a new pair, ESPECIALLY if it is a different brand/style than your last pair.

If I were you, I would wear them around all the time when you aren't running and see if they start to feel better over the next week. you may also switch back and forth between your old and new pair until the shoes are properly broken in.

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If you are getting blisters under the ball of your foot, I'd say the shoe was sliding around too much and doesn't fit well. Thicker socks could help, but I'd get better-fitting shoes.

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Might go away. It might be from a little heal slippage. When you tie your shoes make sure your fott is firmly in the back of the shoe and tie it tight at the top. After the sole softens up a bit it might go away too.

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