What can I expect from track practice?

I'm nervous about track practice today. I'm mainly scared of being the slowest person. and i don't know how to use the little thing to start : I do i have ne thing to be nervous about or am i just thinkin a little too much into it. the last time i did it i was 8 so i barely remember (14 now)


Track & Field Question:Is it recomended to change the direction you ran around the track every other workout?

It will take a little longer than 2 weeks to really get into the swing. The pain in my legs from running distances in Jr. high track were really intense, but my dad told me it would get better, and then BAM! One day I could run forever.

STICK WITH IT! I am still a runner today 12 years later because of that one season of track.

Good tips on how to become a better sprinter, and a good workout to increase stamina for a 13 year old female?


Improving breathing, water intake...for running?

it takes 30 days to find your speed.you will be running long distance. like 1500meters and lots of kicking.

What is a sprinter in track what do they do.?

run and run and run some more and more

What do the numbers on the New Balance shoes mean?

dont worry, just listen to the coach. there will be LOTS of kids there who are new to running, and the coach wont expect you to know everything right away. dont be afraid to ask questions.

first day - expect a very hard workout, just to make the kids who arent into it 100% want to quit. lots of long distance and sprints.

HI-TEC silver shaddow trainers?

Just go in with an open mind. Everyone has to start somewhere and that's what the coaches are there for- they teach you how to run, how to start, how to pace yourself, how to train, etc. If you're interested and willing to learn, you're ready to go. Coaches appreciate (as well as your other teammates) people who are enthusiastic and wanting to be a part of the team. Worst case scenerio- you're the slowest person. Who cares! You're still out there giving it your all and eventually you'll improve. Just stay positive and have fun! That's what being a part of the team is about!

Why is running fun?

run best thing for you!

I want to RUN safely. I am old. What are the things I should do to start?

here's a tip for ya. go to practice everyday. you will get better and better!!,trust me. and when you're at home,just take your excerise everyday 24/7!! do it!...but no offense

Any mid-distance running advice?

just go to practice and run. track isn't all about being the fastest guy in the school, it's also about improving upon yourself and reaching whatever goal you had for starting track.

when you're out there on the track and you see guys cruising past you on their final lap when you're still on the second of four don't be discouraged. they've obviously been on the team before and have been running for years. just keep moving along and finish what you started. i can't emphasize that enough, no one likes a quitter.

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