Are ankle weights safe?

i bought ankle weight but the cashier was sayin something like they're not good for u. but i reallyyyyy need to get faster so please tell me if they are safe or not. thank you. or are there any other ways to get faster?


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Ankle weights won't make you faster. They will end up hurting you. Ankle weights when training for a long hike might be okay, but in running it is a formula for disaster.

Look, the best way to get faster is to train smarter. Get an inexpensive heartrate monitor. Training in the 70% of maximum range will increase your endurance. Build up how long you run each week, spread over 4-5 days with plenty of rest in between.

Running with ankle weights puts unecessary stress on your joints, and puts you at high risk of injury for stability reasons.

Put that money toward a heartrate monitor, or good quality running shoes.

Bad workout?

Seems like they would be hard on the knees if you are running or jogging with them.

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they r OK don't fall tho or play b ball in them it will hurt if u fall or something lik tht

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I would use them a little at first, and if they hurt, don't use them.

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they may put water on your knee i wouldnt risk it

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The weighted vest is a safer alternative since the weight is evenly distributed around the body.

Ankle weights strain your, uh, Seriously I used to run with them, twisted my ankle 3 times before I finally gave them up.

I got the vest, solved that problem.

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ankle weights are fine as long as they are not too heavy for you. the heavier they are, the more stress is on your knees. If u want an alternative, fill your backpack with weights or something heavy, and run with that on.

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Just not for swimming. ;)

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From what I've heard, its bad to have ankle weights on when your running, due to the hard impact on your knees and shins. I would avoid running or jogging with them.

What they might be good for are, box jumping. What I mean is, using them for vertical jumps onto a box or elevated platform. Note: try to explode off the ground with both feet onto the box, and only land on the balls of your feet, then as quickly as possible, get off the box and repeat. I'd say 2-3 sets of 10-15 jumps should have you beat. Box/platform height should be within range of your you get better, you can increase the height.

That shouldn't be too hard on your legs, and its a great way to increase the twitch muscles in your legs which is perfect for getting quick sprints. If you get any soreness in your joints or shins...I recommend you not use ankle weights.

Hope this helps!

Help... i have a track meet tomorrow and i have to run the mile and the 800m ... any tips?

don't use ankle weights to become faster at running. they will only work if you race while wearing them. otherwise you will throw off your stride and actually might go slower. to get faster at running just run more.

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Try very light hand weights instead. The arms are what drive your momentum.

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To get faster, do interval training, fartlek training and hills. To get faster, you need to run faster. As simple as it sounds, it's true.

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ankle weights can be dangerous and can cause bone problems at a later age

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