Advise for the state track meet?

Hi my son is going to state in track and I was wondering if there are any state champs out there with advise for him you know things like what is best to eat and drink ect.? His events are the 400m dash and the 200m dash.


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Someone running 200m and 400m does not need to carbo load like a marathon runner. Carbo loading only helps with events lasting longer than 90 minutes and if done correctly leads to weight gain which is not exactly what a sprinter needs.

My recommendation is to get plenty of rest. Make sure he's taking it easy the days preceding the meet. Eat a normal meal, i.e. whatever your son is used to and likes as long as it isn't junk food or something heavy that won't sit well in his stomach. Don't change the routine the day of the meet. If he did well in the sectional/state qualifying meet, feed him the same meal.

During the meet, he should stay out of the sun. Track meets can be long and hot. Make sure he has water to drink and doesn't dehydrate while waiting to race. If he has an IPod make sure it is charged.

Be supportive and have everything ready to go the day of the race.

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definitely pasta and water.

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like the others have said...eating pasta or anyhting with carbs. He should eat this like two nights before the meet, so when the meet comes around he'll have that energy he needs. Lots of water is also helpful, he wants to be hydrated. Make sure he has a good breakfast the day of as well. I'm not sure if he can eat around and during his events (I couldn't eat during a meet, I was always too nervous and felt like I would get sick) but if he can, maybe bring some fruit along for a snack. Just make sure he isn't eating any junk food and is getting a good nights sleep the few nights before the meet. Well, tell him GOOD LUCK!!

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Yes, pasta can be a good pre-meet meal, however to actually reap the benefits of "carbo loading," it needs to be done the entire week before. Changing your diet for a single night can actually be more detrimental. My best advice is to not change anything in your son's diet. His body is used to functioning (practicing and racing) off the foods he's been eating all season long. If he's already eating healthy, the best pre-race meal actually very simple. A salad, a little bit of protein (chicken is always an excellent choice for runners) accompanied with a little bit of pasta. Avoid anything super heavy and cheesy (that means no alfredo sauce or huge pieces of lasagna). Keep it simple.

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Sleep, Hydration, Balanced diet. Shade and stay cool.

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State meets are short on warm up space and long on waiting to take the blocks after leaving the warm up area. This will be a crucial difference over local meets.

He will have to run his prelims like it is the last race of the year. Each time it can be! No slackers unless you simply own the event in your state(unlikely).

Cool down is critical. Even though he won't know if he advanced for a while the cool down ritual must be adhered to after each heat. If he doesn't he will learn that his warm up just got way harder.

Be ready to run hard and advance, the waiting is just very very hard on sprinters. They may not have the long jump etc to keep them going while waiting so the mental discipline in extreme.

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