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Question:I am a 9th grade girl (14 yrs. old) running the 400m. My time now is 1:11, but i really want to get it down under 1 min. by the end of the season. Any tips/tricks? I just got in my cleats, and that time was without them, so maybe i will be able to drop a second off. What would be a reasonable time to get? I can run the 200m in 30.1 seconds so i don't know how reasonable doing the 400m in <60 will be. What are your times?



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If you are running a 71 second 400 as a freshman you have potential but you definitely need to shave quite a bit off in order to be competitive. Your spikes will help a bit but don't rely on them. You need to be running your 200's in the mid 20's. 27 would be preferable, or high 26's. You need to be running your 400's in the mid 50's soon to be up there, depending on what division your high school is. the winning times for a girls 400 at state in 2A is low 50's, where as a 5A winning time is 47-50, possibly lower. just work on it, you may never be able to do a full out sprint for 400m but you will get closer and closer. when practicing stride out the first 200M and then after the backstretch go all out. eventually you may get to the point where you only need to stride the first 150, then 100. each time you run it, just try to set a PR...each time shave one second off.

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The best thing you can do to drop your time is to continue to run.

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i don't run the 400m, but i do know a good trick for that. try taking a run. While you're running, jog for a few minutes, but then sprint as fast as you can for about 30 seconds. as you use this method more, increase the amount of time you sprint. im 14 too and i use the same method during track season. i started the season with a 6:24 mile and by the end of the season i had a 5:56. it works really well!

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400 is probably one of the hardest races in track. I'm a JR and I've run it every season [indoor & outdoor] at states. Don't worry about running <60... You need to do a lot of training and be able to just run really fast. I run a 28.8 200 and my fastest 400 is a 1:04.71 and that was last year as a SO. Don't worry, just train really hard [but not so hard you hurt yourself].
For example, pick a day once a week to do like five 400 and each 400 put more into it. Your never going to go your complete fastest until your at a track meet with other running. I hope that helped a little!! Good luck with your season!!

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When i started outdoor track last year as a sophomore, my first time for the 400m was 1:17 and by the end of the season i got my time down to 1:04 and made states. so i definitly think its possible, especially because you`re only a freshman with a time of 1:11. Good luck!

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well i am a 8th grader and when i was a 7th grader i ran the 400m and i got like 52 sec so if you are a 9th grader now and getting that time you need alot of training so here my advice DO LONG DISTANCE THATS FOR PEOPLE THAT GET TIME LIKE YOU DO AND FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T RUN THAT FAST YOU ASK FOR ADVICE THERE IT IS AND I'M SERIOUS

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Keep up the great work!

The best advice I could give any runner is to get a hr monitor watch. They come in very handy. As your body conditions you can complete the same amount of work that you did a month or two ago with less beats of the heart. If you are not conscious about it, you could be working out sub-optimally and not reaching the appropriate HR during your workouts. I would do HIIT workouts at varying routines like 200m repeats, 400m repeats, 800m repeats, or pyramid repeats like 200-400-800-800-400-200. I also do alot of heavy squatting and deadlifting at the gym. I am more of a crosstrainer. My goal is to be muscular and be fast (faster, higher, stronger), so this may not be an optimal thing for you.

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run always more than 400m everytime you practice, this will increase your resistance and you will be able to run faste in the 400m. Also, remember to have a low fat,semihigh carb diet

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