What is winning times in the 400 and 800 for 1A school track meets?

Also if you have any advice about how to run these that would be good


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I am more famaliar with boys times, but i know the top girls in massachuesetts run a couple seconds under 60 in the 400, and a little under 2:20 in a good race for the 800. These are the TOP girls, a very good time for a high school girl in these events is anywhere near 60 for the 400, and around 2:30 for the half.

As for running these events, it is good to do a decent amount of miles and run these miles fast. Running about 20-35 miles per week would be ideal and much of this should be interval training. A good example workout would be to jog a mile, run 8 400s as fast as you can with rest in between, then jog a mile. This would be an example of a more difficult workout. Other days you may just want to go for a 4 mile jog.

As long as you are out there running you should get better.

Good luck!

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In New Jersey the fastest girls are running about 55 in the 400 and 2:13 to 2:14 in the 800. One of my former youth runners ran 2:14 a couple of times this year indoors.
The times will be faster during the outdoor season figure close to 2 seconds in the 400 and 5 or 6 seconds in the 800

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