An odd feeling in my knee ligaments?

I recently started running I'm 17 and do martial arts. At first my knees themselves ached but now they are fine. Now it seems if I rotate my knees to much I get this weird klinky feeling in my ligaments to the sides of my knee. It hurts to a decent degree when this happens. Is this anything to be concerned about or is this one of those getting into running things. I have recently started running about 2 miles per run


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You may need to have someone look at your stride mechanics.

If your ankles roll in (pronate) or roll out (supinate) when your foot hits the ground, the forces are transmitted up you lower legs to your knees.

The solution to your problem may be as simple as getting a different pair of shoes or getting better arch supports.

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Go get checked out while its still minor. I had a PCL tear after alot of training but I only on a jog when it happened. I noticed the pain about a week before it happened so it can happen quick. I would take it easy until you get it checked out.

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