Anyone know how to run faster and for longer?

Got any tips? Well i'm doing that race for life and want to run all the way. :)


Nike+iPod Sport Kit?

well i run track and i am in grade seven and in my last track meet i paced myself and i picked a person the could run a little faster than me and i tried to stick with them the whole time and just push to keep up with them and if you feel like
stoping tell yourself That you want to beat that person in the race and try to keep up. i ran the 3k last year and my best time before the meet was 16:39 minutes an in The meet i got :15:12 because i was pushing harder to keep up with that other person that could run faster than me and i finished 7th :P so i hope this helps you let me know how you did

How do i find my track schedule online?

sachin tendulkar

What ways other than just running can I train for the 1/2 marathon?

Eat loads of pasta, and serious training as well as sufficient rest periods in between. Also, stretching is quite important and learning how to moderate your breath and pace yourself.

Shock absorbing insoles for shin splints?

Moving your legs quicker and for an extended time will give this result. LOL - good luck.

In Cross Country, how do you stop from getting blisters on your feet?

Get someone to chase you with some dog poo on a stick.

Ankle Weights?

Get a dog to chase you!

You take longer strides.
You move your legs more quickly.
You breathe harder.

How To Develop A Strength Training Program To Run Faster!

Breathing by mouth/nose when running?

Practice- i used to run loads. Warm up well- set a target - run to the local park and back- next day go further- etc etc. Keep practising- push yourself a little further each day but always feel comfortable. Building up fitness gradually- you'll be amazed how much better you get over time. It's about continuity- not stopping them starting a week later- will damage knees etc. Practice breathing exercises and after practice runs reward yourself with a relaxing bath and plenty of water. Make sure your running shoes are comfortable and wear cotton socks.

Track Spikes?

I won every mother's race I entered bar one... I fell a yard from the post... because I was still recovering from a serious road accident and my balance was all off kilter... but my method of winning may not go down too well with others... being very short and slim... petite... I knew all the others had much longer strides. I also knew due to a previous road accident (neither were my fault) in my early years, my leg would let me down, it always did in sports at school.

I was poor and had five kids, and little else to give them but my love and myself and my best shot... I sent a prayer heaven ward and then imagined the most awful thing I could, that if I lost the race, I'd forfeit one of my children and be forced to choose which one... that's why I never lost till then... and thankfully, I know God would never call my bluff... it was cruel streak against myself, to beat myself to win.

All I had at the time... the rod... cos I was raised with one:-)

Aint it nice having the children's act today;-)

Has anyone who applied for a place in the London Marathon...?

learned from the Africa runners
they train in the plain together with the lions chasing them

I really need a healthy eating plan to match my workouts.?

buy some cheetas legs

Running on Ice: Helpful or Harmful?

think of who your doing it for an you will get their, just walk it is for a brilliant course cancer is one those things we don't like to talk about but we have all lost some one to it,, good for you for doing this ..

Any parkour gurus out there?

Gradually build up your speed and distance over many weeks. For example, take your longest run now...add a few miles...and run that this weekend. Next weekend, add another mile and so on. Use the same tactic mid-week with your intervals (speed). The link below has some more tips & of luck!

- Mike

If i 1 week consume abt 6 to 7 egg .. will it Effect my running for EXample .. gain Extra Weight .. OR . ??

This might not be the best answer bu i found this to have helped me build up more stamina during a game as i tend to play harder and longer than i used to. You could do what is known in basketball as suicides and you run from the wall to the free throw line, then back, then run to the half way line and back again, next run to the other free throw line and back, next run to the other end (the other wall) and back. Repeat this and you should see an improvement in stamina, and also possibly in speed dependin on how fast you run each time.

Explain PACE please?

Well when I cheerlead and we have to run and when new people start out our coach makes them walk for a minuite and then run for a minuite. They do this 5 times. Next time then run 3 mins and walk 1 etc and gradually they build fitness.

How can I figure out my 7 character ChampionChip ID code?

try eat (injara, not sure of the spelling) an Ethopian flat bread
with a kind of stew on top.

And go up to the mountain so your lung increase in size
have a wild animal chase after you

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