Anyone run? Do Youn Think these running shoes are ok?


I'm going to start running but i don't know which kind of shoe to get.


Has anyone used the nike+ products? Are they good?

I Think that they are both well built shoes the reeboks are cushioned which allows comfort and they are still pretty lightweight plus they are award winning shoes but on the other hand the addidas shoes are ok two they are lightweight stable running shoes. I'd say just to choose the one that you like best. Hope that helps!(I'd go for the Addias's if running track though because they are lightweight allowing a faster mile time) You might want to check out some nikes though they are awesome and i wear them

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Yeah those are really good i would get them if they were blue but that is because i am a man

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run forest run

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i wouldn't buy shoes off the internet if that is what you are intending to do. basically, running shoes just need to be a really good fit because you're going to use them for a lot of miles (hopefully) and you're going to need good support from them. make sure they hold your ankles well and that they're not made of flimsy material.

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yes they seem really good pair off running shoes for first time runner an they will look good also they are not to expensive in case you do change your mind , hope you do enjoy it though is very good for your health ...

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I wouldn't recommend buying shoes off the Internet unless you have already tried them on in the store. These shoes look decent, but for good running shoes I am skeptical of any of your main stream street shoe brands. Quite often they focus on fashion above function and this may be the case here.

I would look to a brand who focuses primarily on running shoes and not fashion.

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yeh they look gd but go 2 a shop and try them 1st and u might c some gd ones there and get advice for wot shoe is gonna suit u. Also shoes off the internet are usually not as good as u expect them to be (learnt through experience!). Gd luck with the running!!

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i think the second ones are going to be a lot better for you. they look nice, too!

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I agree with others that the best idea is to go to a running store and try shoes on. Every shoe is different and it's important to find out which shoes fit your foot the best so that you can avoid issues with blistering, pronation issues, etc. I made the mistake of buying shoes that were too small when I was a beginning runner and my toes constantly fell asleep during my longer runs. I have had great luck with Asics--they are highly recommended by many runners but again there are several kinds out there. And always remember--cheaper isn't always better. You may have to spend a little extra to get a better shoe for you. Good luck!!

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id get asics.

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If you are not a runner, go into a running store and have them fit you for a pair of shoes for your running style and the surface you will be running on.

They will vary by stability, cushion and flexibility.

I have 3 different sneakers for running on the street (cushion), the beach (stability) and the treadmill (flex).

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Go to a local running store. People there are not idiots...they know what they're talking about. Don't waste your time looking for shoes on the internet.

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the first ones are good, the second ones not so much. don't go for anything like shox

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Well I used to run 10k's for kicks and giggles but I got into cycling. I am going to train for an upcoming 10k, and I am going to my local running shoe shop and bring a pair of my old running shoes. Then they will tell what type of shoe I need (ie if i am under/overpronating etc). I like it when I get fitted, because it brings up my comfort and speed.
Happy trails!

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First what type of feet do you have look at old shoes and see.
there are three types over pronated (in)
and supinated (out)

I have brooks because they are the best shoe for my feet.
I tried on all the pronated shoe a foot specialist recommanded and they suit my feet the best.
Everyone has different walking / running styles

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These look like good running shoes, but the real issue is whether they're good for YOU. You should only purchase running shoes if you have tried them and and they feel comfortable to you. Running in shoes that are uncomfortable to you could make you not want to run, which would defeat the whole purpose of buying the shoes. It could also lead to injury. My advice would be to go to an athletic store such as Sports Authority or a specialty running store and have an employee there give you advice on which shoes would work well for you, as well as select shoes that would fit right.

P.S. A problem with the shoes you selected are that they are for overpronators (people who roll their feet to the side when they run). If you are an overpronator, that's perfect, but if you are an underpronator or have perfectly normal feet, they could mess you up somewhat. You might want to check at a running store whether you pronate or not, or have a friend is runs a lot watch you run to be able to tell you.

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