Am I good enough to be a college or pro runner?

I'm about 5'8, which is probably a handicap, and I ran a 4:54 mile and a 2:14 800m last year as a Freshman. I didn't used to be any better than average but when I started playing school sports in 7th grade I improved my mile time by nearly 2 minutes so that I had a 5:18 mile time. I can also only run maybe a 57 400m right now...I guess I'm just asking if I even have a chance of being an elite runner. Also, if anyone has any tips on what I need to improve on and how to do so that would help.


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Those times are good, but not great. Elite highschool runners run sub 4:20's in the mile, sub 1:55's in the 800 and sub 49's in the 400. Thats not to say you can't get better and become an elite runner, it just means your going to have to work hard to do it. As for being a runer who gets paid... you need to be at Olympic times for that. So good luck with your running.

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If you work hard you could be an average college runner. At this point you wouldn't be, obviously, but as a sophmore my mile pr was 4:54, now as a junior I can go in the 4:40's. I took a whole minute off my 5k time this past XC season to go down to 17:08. Now I am being scouted by colleges so it is all about self-improvement, you can be a great college runner if you put in the work.
Your height shouldn't be a handicap, the greatest middle distance runner in history, Steve Prefontaine (look him up if you don't know) was only 5-9.

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I'm not an elite runner, but, I'd like to reply. If you are a high school freshman, talk to your coach as these are pretty good times. Your height is not a handicap in any way.

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Are you a freshman in high school?...because if so then you still have plenty of time to develop those already impressive scores...there are college runners out there that are not running much better times and they have been running for much not give up and continue training and you will definitely be able to become a competitive college runner...when you get there the training will become more intense and you will be pushed to the limits...after reaching your goal of running in college then aim higher and look to run proessionally but do not waste high school...have fun and enjoy yourself

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im in high school and the meet i went to last saturday the best guy there ran a 4:10. the great thing about running is it's practically all about dedication if you give 100% on daily workouts you should definitely be able to improve your time by college

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