Ankle Weights?

Could just WALKING with Ankle Weights make me faster in running


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no, ankle weights are out. Recent studies have found that ankle weights give almost no benefit to a walking or running workout, and seriously increase your chance of an ankle or foor injury. dont use them!

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Trying swimming with them

Hallelujah Holla Back

Is it not important?...?

nah! might just help you walk faster..AH! Ah!


Walking in general wouldn't make you faster at running unless you are really out of shape. You need to run, or at least jog, to get faster at running.

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Do not use ankle weights. They will increase the likelihood of you injuring your feet and ankles.

If you want to run faster, go for a run.

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Ankle weights should be used to do leg exercises, but not for walking. Walking with ankle weights can cause injury.

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