Is it bad to run with a big blister on your foot?

It's just know forming. It hasn't bust.


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If you wear a second pair of thin socks (maybe even panty hose) the blister should not get worse since the shoe won't rub on your foot. You can get double layer socks at a running store, too.

During one of my marathons, I could feel a blister form and then break over the miles. When I was done it was a bloody mess. It healed in a week or so, no big deal. If they form more slowly, I will clean them and lance them and then they harden, making the skin in the area tougher.

When you get your next pair of shoes, try to get a pair that fits better. People in a real running store can help you with that.

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I remember those from XC, you can run but make sure that if it does pop disinfect it right when your done running.

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No it is not bad. It's actually good to run with a big blister. The pain will make you run faster much like it does when you pull a hamstring.

Exercise (running)?

Yes. You don't want it to burst on its own, prick and drain it and let it heal before running again.

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it is okay to run on it it will just cause discomfort. the best way to get rip of it is to tape it with medical tape. if it does bust make sure that you keep it clean you cannot let it get infected so clean it with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide stings less.


put Vaseline on it and a bandage.

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